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Get your Shopify Access Token

Part 1: Get Your Shopify Admin Access Token

  1. Log into your Shopify store and click Apps
  2. From here, click Develop apps
  3. From here, click the Create an app button
  4. You'll see a modal prompting you to name your app and assign an app developer. Give it a name and click Create app.
  5. You'll now be on your app overview screen. Click Configure Admin API scopes.shopify-apikey-configure
  6. The next section is where you search for and select which data points you'd like to have access to via the API (check the documentation on scopes for more information).

    Most likely, you will want access to one or more of the following: read_orders, read_products, read_inventory, and read_customers.
  7. Once you've selected all the scopes you want to access, click Save. (You can add more scopes later if you need to)
  8. Head over to the API credentials tab and click Install app.
  9. Confirm the installation and you should now see a screen containing your Admin API access token. Click Reveal token once to see your token. You now have access to the Shopify API.

Part 2: Use the Token

You can use your token in API Connector's list of preset integrations, or through your own custom request:


Enter your token into the Authorization section of API Connector.


Use your key in a Header of X-Shopify-Access-Token: your_token


For more information see this article: Import Shopify Data to Google Sheets

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