Export API Requests

Exporting configuration files for the API Connector add-on for Google Sheets allows you to share your request configuration with others (or yourself). The configuration file includes API URLs, headers, saved fields, and output options.

API Connector is in its own sandbox, so simply making a copy of the sheet will not copy any data saved through the extension. To copy requests from one sheet to another, you will need to export a request configuration file.


Export Single Requests

To export the configuration file for a request, locate the request and click Action > Export.

Export All Requests

To export a configuration file for all requests in the sheet, click Extensions > API Connector > Import/Export > Export API Requests.

Export File

When exporting requests, you'll be presented with an export file modal. Click the Download export file link to download all your requests as a JSON file to your desktop.

Import File

See this article for information on importing request files back into a Sheet: Import API Requests

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