Import Scaleo Data to Google Sheets

In this guide, we’ll walk through how to pull data from the Scaleo API directly into Google Sheets, using the API Connector add-on for Sheets.


Before You Begin

Click here to install the API Connector add-on from the Google Marketplace.

Part 1: Get Your Scaleo API Key

To get your API key, log in to Scaleo, click the profile icon in the top right, and select Profile from the menu.

Your API key will be available on the page. Copy this down as we'll use it shortly.

Part 2: Pull Scaleo API Data into Sheets

For this example, we'll fetch affiliate statistics. Substitute in your own domain where it says your_domain, and your own API key where it says your_key.

  1. Open up Google Sheets and click Extensions > API Connector > Open > Create request.
  2. In the request form enter the following:
    • ApplicationCustom
    • MethodGET
    • Request URL,cv_approved,approved_payout&rangeFrom=2023-01-01&rangeTo=2023-05-15
  3. Create a new tab and click Set current to use that tab as your data destination.
  4. Name your request and click Run. A moment later you’ll see data populate your sheet.

Part 3: API Documentation

Official API documentation:

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