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Account Management



Account Upgrade

After upgrading your account through the pricing page, refresh your account status in the extension.

To refresh your status navigate to the footer of API Connector and click the Refresh status link or the Account icon.

Once your status has been refreshed, close and re-open API Connector to see the upgraded account status reflected in the sidebar.

Customer Portal

The Stripe-hosted customer portal is available for all users with a paid account with Mixed Analytics.

How to access

  1. open API Connector and click Account > Manage Billing from the main menu or footer
  2. OR, click to access through Enter the email address you use with API Connector, and you'll receive a one-time code for access.


  • Cancel plan

    When you cancel your plan, you won't get billed again, and your subscription will remain active to the end of your billing period.

  • Upgrade or downgrade subscription

    Click Update plan to see the list of available plans. When you upgrade or downgrade your plan, the fee will be pro-rated to take into account any amount you have already paid.

  • Update payment methods
  • Download past invoices

    Click the links under Billing History to download past invoices.

Team Plan

The Team Plan allows access for additional users. To add users to your account, open API Connector from the Owner's email account and click Account > Team.


This will open a form where you can add and remove users from your plan.


Each user on the Team Plan receives access to a Business plan subscription, with expiration/renewal dates that match that of the Owner's account.

Account Transfer

If you would like to switch pro access to a different email account, please fill out this account transfer form.

When you transfer your account, you can continue to access all requests and triggers in your sheet. Saved schedules will also continue running under the new account.

Billing Email Change

If you would like receipts sent to a different email address from your account email, please contact us after completing your purchase, stating both your account email and the billing email.


How do I purchase a subscription?

Navigate to the pricing page, click the buy monthly or buy annual button and enter the email address you use with Google Sheets, along with your payment details.

How do I cancel my free trial?

The free trial will automatically cancel itself. At the end of your trial period, it will automatically convert to API Connector’s free plan, and will not result in a Mixed Analytics account or produce any charges.

How do I upgrade/downgrade/cancel my subscription?

Please navigate to the customer portal to change or cancel your subscription.

Will you automatically charge my credit card?

Yes, if you have entered your credit card information and purchased a subscription through our pricing page. Your credit card will be automatically charged at the interval you select (monthly or annually). Auto-renewal is on by default, and can be canceled in the customer portal.

What is the 30-day moneyback guarantee?

Upon request, subscription fees will be refunded for any reason within 30 days of initial purchase.

If your question isn't answered here, just send a message through the contact form. You'll hear back shortly.

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