Import YouTube API Data to Google Sheets

Import YouTube API Data to Google Sheets


  1. Hi Ana, thank you for this, I managed to set up my API url. how do I get the full url of the Youtube videos into google sheets? sorry completely new to this . I’ve set up an api to search for videos with the keyword podcasting and want to get the full url link of the videos as well as the channel IDs, what do I need to add extra from this:{API_key}&q=google sheets&maxResults=50 ?

    1. Hey Riva, have you run that search request yet? If so, in the response you should see a field called items » id » videoId. YouTube doesn’t return the full URL, but it’s easy to construct it yourself by adding that value to the YouTube base URL (
      For example, when I run the search request for ‘podcasting’, in cell J2 under the items » id » videoId header, I see an ID of PIJpOcFf5h4.
      In a new column, I can make a formula like =""&J2 to get the full URL of the YouTube video. Of course you can copy this down or, even better, add it to an array formula like =arrayformula(""&J2:J) to get the URLs for all the video IDs returned by the API. Let me know if that makes sense!

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