Set Data Destination

This article will describe how to set a destination sheet and cell in Google Sheets, using the API Connector add-on for Sheets.


Before You Begin

Click here to install the API Connector add-on from the Google Marketplace.

How to Set a Destination

API Connector will print data into your sheet starting from the destination Sheet and cell you specify. There are 2 methods of setting a destination cell: manual entry and automatic.

Manual Entry

If you manually enter a Sheet name, it will use that sheet. If that sheet doesn't exist yet, it will be created when you click Run. By default it will print to cell A1, or you can manually enter a destination cell.


If you click Set Current, it will automatically set your data destination to the currently focused cell in your sheet.

Keep Formulas

By default, all data will be cleared to the right and below the starting cell.

If you are including calculations and formulas, we recommend adding them into columns on the left. Then you can set a destination cell to the right of those formulas, such that they don't get overwritten.

If you would prefer not to clear data in your sheet at all, you can toggle this off under Output options:


This allows you to send the response from multiple requests into the same sheet, or update API data without changing any existing data in your sheet.

Overwrite vs Append Mode

When you choose Overwrite mode, the data response will begin from the cell you specify. When you choose Append mode, it will begin from the first empty row. Either way, it will use the column specified in your starting cell input field.

9 thoughts on “Set Data Destination”

  1. it is possible to have a dynamic cell address with a formula? exemple : I want to put data from a request under another request. If the first request have 101 lines, I want the second request to be located from line 102 on the same page.

    • If you use append mode, it will automatically place each set of results below the current set of results. Does that get you what you're looking for?

      • There's no workaround per se, you would need to send data into different sheets. But you can hide those sheets and pull the data you need from each sheet into a summary sheet using Sheets formulas like QUERY, if that works for you.

  2. can I specify a formula for destination sheet. for example, to create a new tab with the current date or a random number.


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