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Import Curl Requests


Many API services provide documentation on how to make API requests using Curl, a very popular command-line tool for interacting with APIs.  For example, here's a screenshot from Shopify's API documentation.


API Connector provides a Curl import tool to let you easily import these snippets directly into your API Connector workspace.

The cURL import tool will work with most standard cURL snippets, but not with graphQL or multi-part cURL requests.

Curl Import Tool

Click Extensions > API Connector > Import / Export > Import cURL to access the Curl import modal:

Once the modal opens, copy and paste in the entire Curl snippet, like this:


Now, just click the Import button to automatically parse and open the request in the API Connector sidebar:

From here you can Edit, Save, and Run the request, just as if you'd entered it manually.

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