Add a Request Body to a POST Request

Add a Request Body to a POST Request


  1. Ana, even though I appreciate having a POST option available, I don’t see how to take advantage of it considering there’s no actual integration with the google sheets content; maybe I’m missing something? Thanks.

    1. Hi Oscar, you can send a post request and the resulting response gets printed into your Google Sheet. You can also base the request URL on values in a cell. Can you please let me know what you mean by integration with the Google Sheets content? Maybe you’re referring to basing the request body on a value in a cell? That feature is coming : )

  2. Hello, I would like to know how to create a POST request that could do the same that a PUT request in PostMan do, for example, PUT type request in GitHub API.

    1. Hi there, a POST request can’t do the same thing as a PUT request as they are different methods with different functions. API Connector only supports GET and POST, though I’ll consider adding more methods if I get more demand for it.

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