Include Headers

Include Headers

Last Updated On October 01, 2019

Se below for details on including headers for API Requests using the API Connector add-on for Google Sheets.


Many APIs require that you include an API key or other authorization as a header. Generally these values will be available in the account section of your platform, or upon request from your account manager.

There are also many free, open APIs that don’t require any authorization, or request that you pass an API key in the URL instead; in those cases, just leave the header section blank.

To enter a header, enter the key and value into the Headers section of the API Connector form.



The exact values and syntax for the header depend on the authentication type and platform. For example, some platforms will request that you enter Key = api-key, Value = {api key}.

Other platforms may use basic HTTP authentication, where the request Key is ‘Authorization’, and the Value is ‘Basic ‘+ the base64 encoding of an id and password. In that case, you may find it useful to consult this article on Encoding Credentials to Base 64.

The documentation for each API should note exactly what type of header is required.


You may need to include multiple headers in your API request.

Simply add them, one under the other, in the Headers section of API Connector’s Create Request screen:



If you need to delete a header, you may do so by clicking the red “x” icon that appears on hover.



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