API Connector for Google Sheets

Powerful, flexible data grabber to connect APIs to Google Sheets

⚡6,800+ data enthusiasts started using API Connector within the past 30 days
⚡ Free, with paid upgrade available for advanced features
⚡ Designed for spreadsheet users, no coding required

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Wow, importing JSON has never been easier. It’s nice to have a little GUI when working with shared docs and such since not everybody knows APIs. Also, scheduling repeated API calls is a great feature.

Information Security Officer

Awesome add-on that works perfectly! Couple of hours saved every month since I’m using it. Highly recommended for users who often deal with CSV exports from many platforms.

Digital CFO

This tool is a lifesaver for our sales reporting — it saves us hours and hours. I automate our weekly reporting by connecting Google Sheets to this and then running a Tableau workbook off the automation.

Director of Digital Marketing

Pull API data to Google Sheets

Thousands of sites provide access to their platforms via APIs. API Connector lets you pull data from these APIs directly into your Google Sheets worksheet, without code.


Combine all your metrics

Easily view and manage data from multiple data sources in a single place. No manual exports, custom scripts, or expensive data warehouse required.

Schedule API requests

Automate your data pulls. Set triggers to pull from APIs at hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly intervals, or use API Connector’s custom IMPORTAPI function to refresh data even faster (every few minutes).


Reference cells in requests

Turn spreadsheet cells into variables. Achieve dynamic, code-like capabilities by basing request URLs on the cells in your sheet.


Pulls data into Google Sheets from any platform that uses API keys or OAuth2 for authorization and returns data in JSON, XML, or CSV format. This opens up access to nearly any platform, e.g. Binance, CoinMarketCap, Facebook, Shopify, etc.


Made specifically for reporting and spreadsheets. Includes spreadsheets-first features like append vs. overwrite modes and building API requests based on the value in a cell. Select from 4 different algorithms to convert JSON into Sheets format. 


The free version of API Connector enables up to eight daily API requests, while the paid versions allow more requests, scheduling, pagination handling, filtering, OAuth2 connections, and additional power features. Please view the pricing page for more details.


Check out the knowledge base or submit your question in the API Connector user community.