Easily pull data into Google Sheets

Use these spreadsheet add-ons to extract and store data from almost any source

API Connector for Google Sheets

Turn Google Sheets into a powerful, flexible API client that pulls API data directly into your spreadsheet.

  • Connects to almost any API
  • Runs directly through Google Sheets
  • Dynamic and customizable, without code
  • Free forever (for standard features)

Archive Data for Google Sheets

Automatically store snapshots of historical data in your Google Sheets reports and dashboards.

  • Save data on a schedule
  • Runs directly through Google Sheets
  • Customize destination and output settings
  • Free (all features)

Serving over half a million professionals at these great organizations & many more:

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I use API Connector to create automated monitoring tools for SEO. Chained with Google Data Studio, it opens a universe of possibilities with a very limited and efficient toolchain. API Connector is reliable, glitch-free, and production-ready.

SEO Team Lead, Mediaworx

API Connector is an amazing product that enables a non-coder to leverage the power of APIs and integrate seamlessly with Google Sheets. It opens up a great deal of opportunities without the need to invest in expensive BI or ETL tools. Personally, it enables me, as a marketer, to pull data from numerous sources to one centralized location without coding. Highly recommended!

Director, One Search Pro Marketing

API Connector is the easiest and fastest way to create an API-based website on WordPress. By pairing it with Toolset for custom fields and WP All Import to import the data, I launched a course discovery platform with no coding needed.

Founder, MadBright

API Connector is awesome and the support is next level sensational. API Connector allows us to integrate and automate Shopify, Xero, Facebook, Cin7 and so much more. The world of APIs is your oyster.

Founder, Dock & Bay

We are using API Connector for a variety of reports, mainly with Shopify. The documentation and examples on the Mixed Analytics website are extremely helpful. Plus, Ana delivers the fastest customer support I have seen so far. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to add more automation to reporting.

Co-Founder, STUR Cookware

API Connector allowed us to compile data from all of our marketing channels into a single location effortlessly. The documentation is very clear and Ana provided extremely good customer support whenever it was needed.

Digital Marketing Manager, The Big Phone Store

Connect thousands of data sources to Google Sheets. Schedule updates and automatically store historical data.

Step by Step Guides

Learn how to connect popular APIs to Google Sheets

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API Connector Video Tutorials

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