API Connector Affiliate Program

If you like API Connector, sign up for the API Connector affiliate program to get a recurring commission on any users you refer! This could be through a website, a newsletter, YouTube, Twitter, or any other relevant method of getting the word out.

Just mention API Connector and include an affiliate link to be credited for any purchases. This program is totally free to join, and you will earn an ongoing 30% commission for each customer you refer.


Sign up below for your unique referral link. It's free!

Ideas for Promoting API Connector

Here are some ideas for getting the word out about API Connector:

  • Write a blog post about API Connector
  • Write a review of API Connector
  • Write an article comparing API Connector to other tools you've used
  • Add API Connector into a tools directory on your site
  • Create templates or dashboards using API Connector and share with others
  • Share screenshots of your dashboards or reports on Facebook or Twitter
  • Create a YouTube video showing how you work with APIs without writing code
  • Do a webinar showing how you automate reporting in your business
  • Anything else that makes sense for you and your audience! 🙂

Program Benefits

  • You get a 30% commission for every customer that comes from your referral link. You will receive that commission every time they renew their subscription, for as long as they're a customer. For example, if your referral subscribes for $29/month, and remains a subscriber for one year, you will earn $29 * 12 * 30% = $104.40.
  • The cookie lasts for 90 days. Your referrals don't need to purchase immediately, and have plenty of time to complete their free trial and make a decision about upgrading. As long as they return to our site within 90 days and make a purchase, you'll be credited for that sale.
  • You'll have access to an affiliate portal to view your visitors, leads, and conversions any time.
  • Payouts will be made via PayPal whenever the affiliate balance exceeds $25.

Terms of Service for affiliates.