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Import KuCoin Data to Google Sheets

In this guide, we’ll walk through how to pull data from the KuCoin API directly into Google Sheets, using the API Connector add-on for Sheets.

For this guide, we’ll be using their open market endpoints so we don’t need any API keys or other authorization. Let’s jump right in!


Before You Begin

Click here to install the API Connector add-on from the Google Marketplace.

Part 1: Pull Data from KuCoin to Sheets

The easiest way to get started with the Kucoin API is through API Connector’s built-in integration.

  1. Select Kucoin from the drop-down list of applications
  2. Select an endpoint.  These endpoints are all open so you don’t need an API key. For this example we’ll choose the /market/allTickers endpoint.
  3. Choose a destination sheet, name your request, and hit Run.

Part 2: Create a Custom Request

Alternatively, you can run your own custom requests instead of using API Connector’s pre-built integration. To create a custom request, add the complete URL into the request URL field.


To easily convert your preset request to a custom request, click Output Options > More Options > Add Request URL before you run your request. This will print your request URL into your sheet so you can copy and paste it.

Part 3: Handle Pagination

Note that the Kucoin API limits the number of records returned in each request. By default, only 100 records will be returned unless you use the currentPage parameter as shown in their documentation.

With API Connector, you can set up pagination handling to cycle through pages automatically, like this:

  • Pagination: page parameter
  • Page parameter: currentPage
  • Run until: choose when to stop fetching data

Part 4: API Documentation

Official API documentation:

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5 thoughts on “Import KuCoin Data to Google Sheets”

    • Kucoin requires that you apply a “signature” as shown here. It looks pretty similar to what Binance requires, so the Binance sheet probably just requires some minor modification to work with KuCoin, but I haven’t tried it myself so can’t say for sure.

      • I am trying, but can’t get it to work..
        Would you be able to help me out?
        I can share what I have currently.

      • I already fixed it and it seems to work. Let me know if you would like to have it as well, so you could add it to your website.

      • Hey Sander, thanks, I’d love to see your sheet or learn more about how you modified the Binance sheet. (I don’t have my own Kucoin account, so I couldn’t modify and test it myself). If it works, I’ll update the article to include instructions.

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