What is a POST Request?


  1. What is a POST Request?
  2. POST Request Example
  3. How to Run POST Requests in API Connector?

What is a POST Request?

As the name suggests, POST requests are a type of request method used for posting data to a server. You might use POST requests to add a contact to a database, submit a post on a forum, log into a website, and so on.

Unlike GET requests, POST requests frequently (though not always) change data on the server. The data to be changed is sent to the server in a request body.

Once the server receives the request body and processes the request, it responds with some action or confirmation message.

POST Request Example

One common example of a POST request would be logging into a website.

If you open the Developer Tools console on your browser (F12 on Windows/Linux or option + ⌘ + J on OSX) and click Network, you can see the POST requests being made as you log into forms or otherwise send data on the web. The full POST request comprises the Request URL, the Request MethodRequest Headers, and a Request Body (located in the Payload tab).

How to Run POST Requests in API Connector

To run a POST request in API Connector (and most other no-code API clients), open the Request Method dropdown and select POST.

Then set up your request, including a request body into the request body section, and click Run to send your POST request.

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