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Top Free Crypto APIs for Google Sheets

As of June 2022, there a huge number of crypto APIs, and virtually all of them offer data for free through their public endpoints. But they are not all equal; some offer more comprehensive data or provide unique endpoints.

This article lists the top crypto APIs accessed by users of the API Connector extension for Sheets in order of popularity (#1 is the most popular), along with some information:

  • the type of authentication they require,
  • the data points they provide,
  • whether or not they share rate limits among users (shared rate limits make them less suitable for Google Sheets, since all requests run through Google’s servers).

Please note that the list below refers to each API’s free and public endpoints. Non-public endpoints may also be available with different offerings and requirements.

List of Crypto APIs

#API NameCategoryAvailable Data
(Free Plan)
Auth TypeShared Rate Limits?
1CoinMarketCapMarket Data-Categories
-ID mapping
-Cryptocurrency metadata
-Listings latest
-Quotes latest
-Exchange metadata
-Market price conversions
API key
2CoinGeckoMarket Data-Current crypto proices
-Coin data
-Contract data
-Asset platforms
-Market indexes
-BTC Exchange rates
-Trending coins
-Global crypto data
-Public companies
3BinanceMarket Data
(private account endpoints also available)
-Exchange information
-Order books
-Recent trades
-Old trade lookup
-Aggregate trades
-Current prices
-24hr tickers
-Symbol price ticker
Open, API keyY
4CoinBaseMarket Data
(private account endpoints also available)
-Exchange rates
5BscScanBlockchain Explorer-Accounts
-Geth proxy
-Gas tracker
API key
6KuCoinMarket Data-Symbols & Ticker
-Order book
7CryptoCompareMarket Data-Prices
-Blockchain data
-Trading signals
-Pair mapping
-Social data
-Order book
API key
8KrakenMarket Data
(private account endpoints also available)
-Asset info
-Tradable pairs
-OHLC data
-Order book
-Recent trades
-Recent spreads
9WazirXMarket Data
(private account endpoints also available)
-24hr tickers
-Recent trades
-Old trade lookup
Open, API key
11CoinAPIMarket Data-Metadata
-Exchange rates
-Order book
-Orderbook L3
API key
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