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Free Crypto APIs for Google Sheets

There are a huge number of crypto APIs, and virtually all of them offer public crypto data for free through their public endpoints.

This article lists the top crypto APIs accessed by users of the API Connector extension for Sheets, along with the type of authentication they require. For Open APIs (those with no authorization requirements) a sample URL is provided so you can click the URL and see the results in your browser.

This list refers to publicly available data. Private data, e.g. your own transaction history, always requires authentication.

List of Crypto Market Data APIs

1Binance24 hr crypto dataOpen
2CoinAPIExcellent and well-organized source of crypto market dataAPI Key
3CoinBaseSmall but simple dataset focused on currencies, prices, and exchange rates.Open
4CoinCapReal time cryptocurrency pricesOpen
5CoinDeskBitcoin price indexOpen
6CoinGeckoCryptocurrency market dataOpen
7CoinLoreCryptocurrency market dataOpen
8CoinMapCrypto ATMsOpen
9CoinMarketCapComprehensive crypto API providing price/market data, exchange data, and token metadataAPI Key
10CoinPaprikaFrequently updated market data: coin prices, volumes, market caps, ATHs, return rates and moreOpen
11CoinStatsCryptocurrency market dataOpen
12CryptingUpSmall but reliable crypto data API offering free access to cryptocurrency information, markets and exchangesOpen
13CryptoCompareVery good API with interesting data points like trading signals and social data alongside standard market dataAPI Key
14DEX ScreenerBlockchain screenerOpen
15ExchangerateCurrency exchange & crypto ratesOpen
16GeminiCryptocurrency market dataOpen
17KrakenOHLC data, order books, recent tradesOpen
18KuCoinTicker, order book, historical dataOpen
19NexchangeCryptocurrency market dataOpen
21WazirXIndia-focused crypto API with tickers, order books, and trade lookupsOpen

9 thoughts on “Free Crypto APIs for Google Sheets”

  1. is a professional cryptocurrency information service platform that provides cryptocurrency quotes, data, and information.
    Available data for the currency market is the latest price, best bid / ask price,24h high/low, volume 24h, price change, currency price, order book, exchange announcement, News, articles, transaction count, address count, the exchange rate of more than 100 fiat currencies.
    Auth type is API key

  2. Hi !, Where can I looking for the meaning of each item ['symbol', 'priceChange', 'priceChangePercent', 'weightedAvgPrice', 'prevClosePrice', 'lastPrice', 'lastQty', 'bidPrice', 'bidQty', 'askPrice', 'askQty', 'openPrice', 'highPrice', 'lowPrice', 'volume', 'quoteVolume', 'openTime', 'closeTime', 'firstId', 'lastId', 'count']


    • That sounds like the list of metrics sent back by Binance's ticker endpoint, is that right? If so, I don't think they really define them in their documentation but they're pretty standard metrics so you can Google them for more info. Or, here's a quick list of definitions if it helps:
      symbol: the trading pair, e.g. "BTCUSDT"
      priceChange: 24-hour price change
      priceChangePercent: 24-hour price change percentage
      weightedAvgPrice: weighted average price
      lastPrice: last transaction price
      lastQty: The last transaction amount
      openPrice: The price of the first transaction within 24 hours
      highPrice:24-hour highest price
      lowPrice: 24-hour lowest price
      volume: 24-hour trading volume
      quoteVolume: 24-hour turnover
      openTime: The time when the first transaction occurred within 24 hours
      closeTime:The time when the last transaction occurred within 24 hours
      firstId:first transaction id
      lastId:last transaction id
      count:number of transactions

  3. Hi, is there a way to switch out the request from the one with coingecko, so I can get an array of values? Tried the coinbase one but its only 1 coin at a time

    • Coinbase is one of the simplest APIs, pretty much any other crypto API will let you fetch data for more than one coin at a time. I like CoinMarketCap, or CoinPaprika is great too if you don’t want to get a key.


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