Duplicate Requests


Why Duplicate Requests?

While adding API requests to the API Connector add-on, at times you may want to duplicate and modify an existing API request, rather than starting from scratch.

How to Duplicate Requests

To duplicate a request, click Extensions > API Connector > Open.

In the Requests screen, open the drop-down Action menu and click Duplicate to duplicate all the existing settings to the Create screen. From there, you can edit the request details and Save as a new request.


Only the request will be duplicated, not any associated schedules.

Copy Requests to a New Sheet

If you would like to copy your requests to a new sheet, please use the export function instead: Export API Requests

2 thoughts on “Duplicate Requests”

  1. When duplicating existing Requests, the columns end up scrambled compared to the original Requests. Why is that? It's causing me trouble because I can't reuse them. I'm using the Facebook Ads API.


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