Import Taboola Data to Google Sheets

In this guide, we’ll walk through how to import Taboola data directly into Google Sheets, using the API Connector add-on for Sheets.

Taboola only allows the standard authorization code OAuth flow in special cases (info), so for this guide, we'll use the OAuth client credentials flow instead.


Before You Begin

Click here to install the API Connector add-on from the Google Marketplace.

Part 1: Get a Client ID and Secret

To begin, you'll need to ask your Taboola account manager for a client ID and secret.

Once you have these credentials, move on to part 2.

Part 2: Connect Taboola to API Connector

  1. Open up Google Sheets and click Extensions > API Connector > Manage Connections
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the sidebar and click Add Custom OAuth
  3. Fill in the Custom OAuth modal as follows:
    • OAuth Grant TypeClient Credentials
    • NameCustom Taboola
    • Token URL
    • Client IDprovided by Taboola
    • Client Secretprovided by Taboola
  4. Click Save

Part 3: Get Taboola Data in Sheets

You can create a request using any of the endpoints and parameters described in Taboola's documentation.

Example #1

This request shows how to fetch your account ID, which you'll need for subsequent requests.

  • Application: Custom
  • Method: GET
  • Request URL:
  • OAuth: Custom Taboola

Note the value returned in the account_id field as you can plug that into the next request.

Example #2

You can use the same setup to fetch data from any part of Taboola's API, by changing the request URL as shown in their documentation. For example, if you'd like to fetch a campaign summary, a request might look like this. Substitute in your own account ID where it says your_account_id.

  • Application: Custom
  • Method: GET
  • Request URL:
  • OAuth: Custom Taboola
  • JMESPath: see below


  1. The above request uses the "day" dimension, meaning data is broken down by date. See here for the full list of available dimensions.
  2. The above request returns a lot of metadata, which makes the report much slower than it would be otherwise. To return only the results array and speed up the report, enter the word results into the JMESPath filter field.

Part 4: API Documentation

Official documentation:

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