Import Chargebee Data to Google Sheets

Import Chargebee Data to Google Sheets


  1. Hi! Thaks for this, I’ve found it super useful! I’ve set it up, but I only get about 10 customers/ lines that appear whereas as per Chargebee, I would be expecting 100+. Any idea why only certain customers might be pulling through?

    1. Hi Agnes! You can check Chargebee’s documentation ( on pagination and filtering for info on this. By default they limit responses to 10 at a time (and have a max of 100). If you want more, you need to add the limit parameter to your URL, like this:

      If you have more than 100 responses, you’ll need to use their offset parameter. If your request returns more than 100 values, you’ll see a new field called ‘next_offset’ containing a value that looks like [“1558137600000″,”14780876”]. To retrieve the next page of results, this value needs to be added to the end of your URL, like this:["1558137600000","14780876"]

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