Import Mailchimp Data to Google Sheets

Import Mailchimp Data to Google Sheets


    1. The Mailchimp API documentation says:
      Paginate your API requests to limit response results and make them easier to work with. We use offset and count in the URL query string to paginate because it provides greater control over how you view your data.

      Offset defaults to 0, so if you use offset=1, you will miss the first element in the dataset. Count defaults to 10. For example, this URL includes query string parameters for pagination:

      What this means is that by default, Mailchimp only provides 10 records at a time. To get more, change the parameters at the end of your URL, e.g.:

      Then to get the next 50 results, you’d enter:

  1. This is great!

    Is there a more efficient way to retrieve data count with 60,000 + rows rather than running the api request 65 times?

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