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API Connector includes a built-in directory of popular and interesting APIs. For this quick start, we'll fetch data from one of the preset integrations available through the directory.

If you'd prefer to create your own custom API request, please check this article: Create a Custom Request

If you like videos, also check out this video guide to using API Connector.


Before You Begin

Click here to install the API Connector extension from the Google Marketplace.

Step 1: Open the Sidebar

After installing the plugin in Google Sheets, click Extensions > API Connector > Open

Step 2: Add a New Request

Once the sidebar opens, click Create request to start a new request.

Step 3: Select an API

To access the directory, browse or search for an application in the application menu.

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Step 4: Set Authentication

Authentication requirements will vary by API:

  • Open APIs don't require any authentication at all. They are marked with a green "unlocked" icon.
  • OAuth APIs can be connected to by clicking a blue Connect button.
  • Some APIs require header keys or tokens. In these cases, enter the value into the input field. Additional instructions are provided in the Auth Info link.
  • Some APIs use query string parameters. These can be entered in the parameters section.

Step 5: Select an Endpoint

Each API's data is organized into endpoints, which can be thought of as individual data sets or tables. Select an endpoint from the dropdown menu.

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Step 6: Set Parameters

All available parameters will appear below the associated endpoint. Any required parameters will be marked as such, while other parameters can optionally be used to filter and customize the response data.


Step 7: Set Destination Sheet

Enter a destination sheet or click Set current to send the response data to the currently focused cell.

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Step 8: Choose Output Options

(optional) Click the Output options button and customize your request. Options include setting the output mode to overwrite vs. append, choosing a report style, applying pagination, and more.

Step 9: Edit Fields

(optional) Click the Edit Fields button to preview your request. This will bring up a preview window where you can map fields to specific columns and choose which fields to display in your sheet.

For more information on the visual field editor, see here: Edit Fields

Step 10: Name and Run

Give your request a name and click Run.

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Please leave a comment below, contact support, or leave a message in the API Connector user community. You'll receive a response shortly.

29 thoughts on “Create a Request”

  1. Hi Ana
    Great Add on to Sheets, Thanks a lot for providing!
    I d like to use API Connector with my Kraken Account. I have created a API privat Key there. But now using it, trying to find the url and the right way to paste the PRIVATE Key the in the correct fields. Can You help?

    • Hi there, Kraken's API requires a more complex form of authentication than a key to access private data, you can see their requirements here. They require that you apply the HMACSHA512 hashing algorithm to a signature generated with your private key, nonce, encoded payload, and URI path. So you'll need a script or connector developed for Kraken as we dont have native support for that, sorry.

      • how should I get the private data Ans the complex authentications than a key to access private data, you can see their requirements here. They require that you apply the HMACSHAA512 so you'll get the all URL l path and the authentications key and the access private key from the data you can see their requirements here

  2. Hi friends! really excited about this extension. I will try to connect my federal user account to the System for Award Management / I am a government contractor and use various government websites to get reports on opportunities and perform market research, among other things is where all of these APIs are. Hope Im able to finally connect with these data services that they offer to federal account users like myself.

  3. HI when i get to the guide step that says Edit Fields, the Google sheets is named and ready to go but clicking edit Fields gives an error when it tries to connect the data sets to start mapping, do you know why there is an error here?

    1) ABCVisitorsLog: Completed with errors
    - We received an error from (403) show response
    { "error": { "code": 403, "message": "Request had insufficient authentication scopes.", "status": "PERMISSION_DENIED", "details": [ { "@type": "", "reason": "ACCESS_TOKEN_SCOPE_INSUFFICIENT", "domain": "", "metadata": { "method": "", "service": "" } } ] } }

    • This generally means you haven't allowed Mixed Analytics access to the permissions it needs to run the request. Can you please disconnect and reconnect to GA, making sure to tick any checkboxes that appear in the login modal, as well as Allow?

  4. Hi,

    I'm not sure if it's my configuration but I seem to only be able to get short responses (30 characters or less).

    Any limits that I'm unaware of or anything you can point me in the direction of?

    Amazing tool, very excited to get stuck in.



    • I'm not totally sure what this is in reference to, but it sounds like it might be OpenAI :). In that case, can you please increase the value in the token parameter?

      • Hi Ana,

        Yes, it certainly is Open AI. Thanks for mindreading .

        Ok, I'll try that now. I do seem to be getting far better results now with max_tokens set to 2000 vs the default of 18.

        Thanks for your help!

    • Hey Alma, sure, API Connector connects to almost any API, though each API may have its own requirements. In this case, Altegio's docs say that you'll need to do the following:
      1. Contact their support to get a "partner key"
      2. Once you get it, use that partner key to get a user key as described here
      3. Run data requests by including both keys in a header where Key= Authorization, Value = Bearer your_partner_token, User your_user token

      Feek free to reach out to our support if you need help with any of the above steps.

    • Sure, looks like you need to first get an API key by logging into Gelato and clicking Developer > API Keys
      Then open API Connector and set up your request like this:
      Application: Custom
      Method: POST
      Request URL:
      Key = X-API-KEY, Value = your_api_key
      Request body: {"financialStatuses":["paid"],"limit":100}

      In the request body, you can also include other filtering parameters like dates as shown in their docs.

  5. Hi, really useful for our reporting! Thanks for all the hard work. One question: the 'CostinLocalCurrency' pulls in the amount spend in a certain period, however the data is not being read as a currency. 927.06 euro is being displayed as 9270599999999990. Any ideas how to fix this in the spreadsheet or in the api?

    • Thanks, Rogier! API Connector prints out whatever the API sends back, so it looks like this API returns data in units of less than a cent (you can verify by clicking Edit fields and viewing the raw API response). To correct for this, I suggest setting the data destination to cell B1, and then adding the following formula to cell A1: =arrayformula(if(B1:B<>"",B1:B/10000000000000,"")). Change B1:B to whichever column holds your CostinLocalCurrency value. Note that this is in array formula so you only need to enter it in one cell only. It will automatically apply itself down the entire column, converting each value to the level of decimal you're looking for.

    • Sorry, API Connector doesn't currently support connecting to Amazon, since they have some complex custom auth requirements. For Mercadolibre you should be able to do it with a custom OAuth connection, I wrote some info about it here.

  6. Hi, i'm trying to connect to a custom API that requires a JSON be sent as a raw body to the GET request and I was unabled to find a way to do this with the API Connector.

    Is there something i'm missing or is this a not supported feature?
    Will this option be added in the future?

    Here's a cUrl example of what i'm trying to do:
    curl --location --request GET 'API-URL' \
    --header 'Authorization: Basic AUTH-TOKEN' \
    --header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
    --data-raw '{"paginator": {"page": "0","size": "50"}}'

    • Hey Luiz, sorry, API Connector doesn't support GET requests with request bodies. That's a very unusual requirement for an API, is it possible to share a link to their documentation? I'm curious why they've structured their API this way (and wondering if it's something we should support in the future).


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