Report Styles

Report Styles

Last Updated On September 08, 2019
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The API Connector add-on for Google Sheets provides three report style options for converting JSON responses into a tabular format for Google Sheets.


Let’s consider the following simplified example, with 2 orders each containing 2 products. The underlying JSON looks like this:


The default (single row) report style will produce separate columns for nested data, each identified with a number. This ensures that all values can be associated with their parent value (in this case, the order ID).




The compact report style will list all associated values in a single column, and will return data into the first available empty cell. This breaks the association with the parent element (the order ID) but is convenient when you’re primarily interested in counting, processing, or matching up elements within the nested line items themselves, since the data will be displayed in a single column rather than split among separate columns. It can also be useful if you’re NOT interested in those nested elements, since it will produce fewer columns to work around.



The concatenate report option will concatenate all the elements of each nested object together. This will produce a super-compact report with all nested elements in a single cell.




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