Error Messages

Error Messages

Last Updated On August 20, 2019
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There are a few error messages you may encounter while using the API Connector add-on for Google Sheets.

ERROR: Please enter request name

All API requests must have a name before they can be run. This is true even if you don’t save the request. Enter a name (as a best practice, choose a name that will easily differentiate the request from other API requests in your sheet).

ERROR: Please enter API URL path

All API requests must contain an API URL. This URL should consist of at least a domain name and endpoint, e.g. Optionally, it can also contain query strings, e.g.

ERROR: Please enter destination tab

Before running an API request, set a destination tab for the output. To set a destination tab, you can click on a tab in your worksheet and then click Set to choose that tab as the destination. Alternately, you can type in your tab name directly.

ERROR: Destination tab doesn’t exist

Your output tab must exist before you choose it as a destination. If you enter a tab name that hasn’t been created yet, you’ll receive this error message. To resolve, first create the tab in your spreadsheet, and then Set it as your destination tab.

Failed to save request as the name already exists.

All API requests must have a unique name. If you re-use a name that already exists, the request will not save. To resolve, change the request name and retry.

Failed to run request

This error message occurs when the platform refuses to run your request. Common reasons for this include:

  • the API endpoint only accepts HTTP POST requests but you’re sending a GET request (or vice versa)
  • you’re requesting a text or XML API endpoint (API Connector currently only supports JSON)
  • your request contains misspelled or missing Header keys

To resolve, please check the documentation of your API service, and ensure that it accepts requests of the type and format you’re submitting.

ScriptError: Authorization is required to perform that action

This is a Chrome-related error that sometimes occurs when you have multiple Google accounts open in the same session. To resolve, sign out of your other accounts, or re-open the add-on in a new incognito window.


In some cases, API platforms will accept a request but return an error message, for example if your URL is correct but missing credentials. In those cases, their error message will be displayed in the output sheet.


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