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Set Output Mode


The API Connector add-on for Google Sheets provides two different output modes: overwrite and append. To access, click on the ‘Output options’ button.


Overwrite mode is selected by default. In this mode, the output of your request will appear in your destination sheet and cell, overwriting any data that is already there. This mode will also include the headers associated with your data set, in the first row.

Append mode will append results to the first empty row, and won’t print out any headers.

Duplicate data

API Connector will pull in all data returned from the API, so when you use append mode, you generally need to set parameters to ensure you’re not pulling in duplicate data. Most APIs allow you to set a query string that filters by date or ID, which can be used to limit data refreshes to just new data. One useful technique is to reference a cell containing a date to automatically retrieve and append fresh data on a schedule.

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6 thoughts on “Set Output Mode”

    • That’s right. However, you should be able to get new records by adjusting your URL, since most APIs let you add query strings to retrieve records after a certain ID or date. You can also base your URL on a cell to make these query strings dynamic so you don’t need to manually update your URL each time.

  1. Hi, is there a way to make the output start in another cell different from A1? I have a few columns that I like to add to either the left or the right, to show weekday and weeknum. Thanks!

    • Hey Loris, sorry, there is not. I suggest using the API response as your source data sheet, then pulling the data into a second summary sheet where you can apply any data transformations. A formula like =QUERY(Sheet1!A:Z) will pull in all the data from one sheet to another, and you can place that function in any column you want.


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