Get your Zendesk API Credentials

All requests to Zendesk must be authenticated.

Part 1: Get your API Token

  1. Log in to Zendesk and navigate to Apps and integrations > APIs > Zendesk API
  2. On the Zendesk API settings screen, click the plus (+) sign to add a new token.
  3. You will now see a token. Copy this as we need to encode it.
  4. To encode your token, enter your credentials in the format your_email_address/token:your_api_token into this form, e.g. [email protected]/token:6wiIBWbGkBMo1mRDMuVwkw1EPsNkeUj95PIz2akv

    The encoding script runs in your browser, and none of your credentials are seen or stored by this site.


Part 2: Enter your Credentials

This encoded token needs to be preceded by the word Basic. Enter it into API Connector like this:

Part 3: Authentication Alternatives

As a variation on the above, Zendesk also enables Basic Authentication via an encoded name/password, or a Bearer token, as shown in their documentation. Any of these methods can be used, just enter the appropriate Basic X or Bearer X value into the text input box.

Part 4: Documentation

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