API Connector Pro

For billing-related FAQs, please see the pricing page.



The free version of the API Connector for Google Sheets add-on enables up to 8 daily standard API requests, while the paid versions allow more requests, scheduling, JMESPath filtering, pagination handling, OAuth2 support, and additional power features.

See a summary of differences and frequently asked questions at https://mixedanalytics.com/api-connector-pricing/.


When you install this add-on, you will automatically enter a 7-day free trial that activates all features. After 7 days, you can choose to upgrade to a paid plan or continue using the free features.


Paid access is tied to the Google account that makes the purchase. One purchase provides access for one Google account, and can be used for as many sheets as you like.

When you share sheets with others, they can see the data returned by your API requests and triggers. However, the add-on will run under their own Google account, meaning they won’t be able to create their own triggers or access other paid features unless they also have paid access.


From within Google Sheets, you can cancel your subscription at any time by toggling off automatic renewals in the Account menu (click the the Account icon in the footer or navigate to Add-ons > API Connector > Account).


When you cancel your subscription, you won’t get billed again, and your subscription will remain active to the end of your billing period.


You can access additional subscription management features at this link: https://mixedanalytics.com/api-connector/manage-subscription/

Subscription management includes the following features:

  • Update your credit card and other billing information
  • View and download past invoices
  • Cancel subscription


If you would like to switch pro access to a different email account, please fill out this account transfer form.

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