Import Harvest Time Tracking Data to Google Sheets


  1. Great help, pulls data in! Is it possible to set a data range of the data pulled in however, i’m unclear how much data this is pulling

      1. Hi Ana,
        Yeah i saw the API query options i can put in, but it’s not clear what the default dump is without any parameters. Specifically, i’d like to get a month-to-date and specific month. Also, the data itself is limited when compared to the detailed report dump that i used via download. Any thoughts on setting up monthly dumps? Thanks for the help!

      2. Most of Harvest’s tables sort by recency (e.g. the ‘spent_date’ or ‘created_at’ fields). You can see the specific default sort field in the documentation, but generally this means that if you run a Harvest API query without any parameters, it will return most recent 100 records. If you wanted to get data for, say, February, you’d add parameters like For a monthly pull, you can use the scheduling functionality of Supermetrics.

  2. Hi Ana,
    Yeah, caught that thanks 🙂 been using the client and from filters. Unfortunately, Supermetrics keeps clearing my URL path and HTTP headers when i close and reopen 😐 but this should be workable, thanks for the help and replies! Have a great week 🙂

  3. Sigh. Well, everything was working fine. But now Supermetrics gives me the super helpful: “Query failed: Your query failed for unknown reason”. I can only assume Harvest’s API is having issues

    1. Sorry to hear that! Supermetrics is working fine for me, can you re-check that your URL and authorization is entered correctly? Or feel free to share the sheet with me if you’d like me to take a look.

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