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API Connector is a universal API connection tool for Google Sheets

API Connector works with (almost) any API . Below is a listing of our integrations and step by step API guides that show how to pull API data into Google Sheets using API Connector.

APIs marked as “Preset” can be connected to by clicking a Connect button. Other APIs generally require that you get your own API key or token. Nearly all the APIs on this list (and many others) are included in our API library, so you can set up many requests through a simple keyword search.

Finally, each API is a bit different, so each API has its own guide. There are thousands of APIs so we don’t have guides for them all, but if there’s an API you’d like to connect to that’s not listed here, just let us know. We’ll be happy to check their documentation and point you in the right direction, and may add an integration or guide for that API to this list.

See here for more information about which APIs can and can not be connected to.

List of APIs

…and, of course, your own custom JSON/XML/CSV APIs.

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4 thoughts on “All Step-by-Step API Guides”

  1. Any tutorial on how to connect Brightlocal API? I’ve been reading and trying to use their API for close to a month now but no luck. Then I came across your app. Unfortunately, they have an API KEY and API Secret that has made things difficult. Any help would mean a lot to me.

    • If you’re trying to get your private account data, this API has a custom requirement to create a hashed signature using the SHA-1 algorithm, which complicates things as we don’t currently offer support for this type of authentication. However, if you aren’t retrieving data from your account, you can use their Batch Method endpoints that only require an API key. In that case I believe you would run a request like this:
      Method: POST
      Request body: {"api-key":"123456","batch-id":"123456","website-url":""}


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