Google Ads/Analytics Geo Target Ids

This is the current list of country codes used by Google Analytics and Google Ads. These are also known as Geo Target IDs. List of IDs Geo ID Name Country Code 2004 Afghanistan AF 2008 Albania AL 2012 Algeria DZ 2016 American Samoa AS 2020 Andorra AD 2024 Angola AO 2010 Antarctica AQ 2028 Antigua ... Read more

List of YouTube Video Category IDs

This is the current list of YouTube video category IDs: 1 Film & Animation 2 Autos & Vehicles 10 Music 15 Pets & Animals 17 Sports 18 Short Movies 19 Travel & Events 20 Gaming 21 Videoblogging 22 People & Blogs 23 Comedy 24 Entertainment 25 News & Politics 26 Howto & Style 27 Education ... Read more

Find a YouTube Channel ID

A YouTube channel ID is a unique identifier for a YouTube channel. In recent years YouTube has moved to channel names instead of IDs, and it's now often impossible to find a channel ID by simply browsing around YouTube's website. However, the unique ID is still very important for fetching public data like view and ... Read more

Stop Chrome's Address Bar Auto-Completing Page Titles

Chrome has recently begun auto-completing the address bar with its best guess of the page title you'd like to retrieve. Here's a comparison showing the behavior of the address bar with and without auto-complete. While this may be useful for many, if you're on this page you're likely looking for how to turn it off ... Read more

Convert Unix Timestamps to Google Sheets Dates

Certain APIs and datasets accept or display data in Unix epoch timestamps, which are not natively recognized by Google Sheets and can therefore not be used for calculations or other data transformations. These timestamps can be converted as follows, substituting in your date cell where you see A2. Array formulas are also provided for converting ... Read more

Big List of Free and Open Public APIs (No Auth Needed)

An API (Application Programming Interface) allows you to send and receive data from a remote server, like querying a database. This is helpful when you're building an app or pulling metrics for reporting, because it means you can focus on presenting information in a unique or useful manner, rather than developing the underlying data set. ... Read more

Leverage Enhanced Ecommerce Data Layer for Marketing Pixels

This post contains scripts that you can use as Custom JS Variables in Google Tag Manager. These scripts all target the quite specific (yet common) use case where a site already running Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce now needs to run additional marketing or analytics tags. Related post: Collect Enhanced Ecommerce Values into GTM Variables CONTENTS ... Read more