Get Your YouTube Content Owner ID

Typically, a YouTube Content Owner account is used to manage many different channels. YouTube's API requires the associated YouTube Content Owner ID for access to certain revenue-related metrics. Here is how to fetch this ID:

Method 1: Get the ID from the YouTube's Developer Docs

  1. Navigate to to
  2. Click the "API" link
  3. There's a form on the right; set "fetchMine" to true and click Execute.
  4. Your Content Owner ID will be returned in the response field directly below the form.

Method 2: Get the ID from the URL

This method is unverified, but according to Google, when you log in to YouTube as a Content Owner or Manager, your ID appears in the URL after 0= or o=. For example, if the URL is, the Content Owner ID is AbCDE_8FghIjK

4 thoughts on “Get Your YouTube Content Owner ID”

    • Good point, but I'm not sure whether it's 0 or o, since Google's docs use them both interchangeably (that's where I got this info from). I think it doesn't really matter either way, since we're looking for the text following the 0 or o, but I'll update the article if someone can attest to it being one or the other.

  1. Just tried this and realized I need to actually have(!) a YouTube Content Owner ID for this to work 🙂
    Seems like the account I used for the auth does not have one:
    "kind": "youtubePartner#contentOwnerList"


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