Updates to our pricing plans

Hello, API Connector users!

Over the past several years we've released hundreds of updates to API Connector, including the visual field editor, new integrations, new report styles, and dozens of other features, all designed to make connecting to APIs simpler and more convenient for reporting in Google Sheets.

While most features have always been available on all plans, a few features like OAuth were reserved for paid plans. This seemed to make sense early on, when we considered these features as little-used, "advanced" features, but over time they became part of the core feature set. We received many requests for access from people on the free and Pro plans, for example expressing that they wanted to use API Connector only occasionally for hobby projects, but were forced onto the Business plan because even non-business APIs like Spotify and Strava require OAuth.

To better serve these more casual users, we're making the following updates:

  1. We've launched a new "Starter" plan, which includes access to previously Business-only features like OAuth and request exports (but with a reduced monthly request limit), and removed the old "Pro" plan from our pricing page. Existing plans won't be changed, but current Pro plan users can switch to the new Starter plan through the customer portal (for the same price), if they wish.
  2. We're updating the Free plan in a similar way. Multi-query requests, pagination handling, request exports, and OAuth connections were previously only available on paid plans, but will now become available through the free plan (with a reduced row limit and monthly request limit). If you are on the Free plan, you do not need to do anything, as this change will be reflected automatically on March 9, 2024.

For a specific list of features & pricing, please see the pricing page, and you can always view your plan usage and limits on API Connector's account screen. We believe these changes will make API Connector's pricing more suitable for casual/hobby users, and hope it overall encourages more people to experiment with APIs, including the more complex parts like OAuth and pagination. Feel free to leave a comment or get in touch if you have specific questions about which plan is best for you, and thank you for using API Connector!

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