Big List of Free and Open Public APIs (No Auth Needed)

An API (Application Programming Interface) allows you to send and receive data from a remote server, like querying a database. This is helpful when you're building an app or pulling metrics for reporting, because it means you can focus on presenting information in a unique or useful manner, rather than developing the underlying data set. For example, most weather apps get their weather forecast data from a weather API, rather than building weather stations themselves. For more detailed information on how APIs work, see here.

While most APIs require access via API keys (which are similar to passwords), or have complex methods of authentication, there are also quite a few APIs with no requirements at all. This is especially useful for beginners, as it means you can start exploring different APIs right away. It is also useful for web developers looking to access a sample data set for testing.

Big List of Free Open APIs

The APIs below can be accessed using any method:

  • your web browser (just click on the sample URLs to load them)
  • any modern coding language
  • cURL for the command line
  • no-code API clients like Swagger, Postman, or Insomnia
  • Mixed Analytics' own API Connector for Google Sheets
1API DirectoriesAPIs.guruOpenAPI API directory
2API DirectoriesPublic APIsList of public APIs
3Art & ImagesArt Institute of ChicagoArtwork from the museum
4Art & ImagesCOLOURloversColor trends
5Art & ImagesDiceBearGenerate random SVG avatars
6Art & ImagesDogsRandom dog images
7Art & ImagesHTTP CatsCat images for HTTP status codes
8Art & ImagesLorem PicsumPlaceholder images
9Art & ImagesMetropolitan Museum of ArtArtwork from the museum
10Art & ImagesPHP-NoiseNoise background image generator
11Art & ImagesPlacebearPictures of bears for use as placeholders
12Art & ImagesPlacekittenPlaceholder kitten images
13Art & ImagesRandom DogRandom dog images
14Art & ImagesRandomFoxRandom pictures of foxes
15Art & ImagesReSmushImage compression and optimization
16Art & ImagesRoboHashGenerate unique images from text
17Art & ImagesShibeRandom pictures of Shiba Inu dogs
18Art & ImagesVadivelu Status CodesHTTP Codes with images
19CalendarNager.DatePublic holidays
20CalendarUK Bank HolidaysUK bank holidays
21Content4chan4chan's read-only API
22ContentAnime News NetworkAnime/manga encyclopedia
23ContentChronicling AmericaHistoric US newspapers
24ContentCrossrefScholarly metadata
25ContentHackerNewsHacker News API
26ContentJikanUnofficial MyAnimeList API
27ContentListlyTop 10 lists
28ContentMediawikiWikipedia page content and revisions
29ContentOpen LibraryBooks and book-related data
30ContentRedditPublic content from Reddit
31ContentReddit StocksTop stocks from Wallstreetbets
32ContentRick and MortyRick and Morty characters
33ContentSWAPIStar Wars information
34ContentThe RosaryRosary prayers
35ContentTVMazeTV show information girls
36ContentWolne LekturySearch ebooks from wolnelektury.pl
37ContentWordPressPosts from any public WordPress site
38Crypto & FinanceBinance24 hr crypto data
39Crypto & FinanceCoinBaseCurrency codes and names
40Crypto & FinanceCoinCapReal time cryptocurrency prices
41Crypto & FinanceCoinDeskBitcoin price index
42Crypto & FinanceCoinGeckoCryptocurrency market data
43Crypto & FinanceCoinLoreCryptocurrency market data
44Crypto & FinanceCoinMapCrypto ATMs
45Crypto & FinanceCoinpaprikaCryptocurrency data
46Crypto & FinanceCoinStatsCryptocurrency market data
47Crypto & FinanceCurrency RatesCurrency exchange rates
48Crypto & FinanceDEX ScreenerBlockchain screener
49Crypto & FinanceExchangerateCurrency exchange & crypto rates
50Crypto & FinanceExchangeRate-APIExchange rates
51Crypto & FinanceGeckoTerminalCrypto data
52Crypto & FinanceGeminiCryptocurrency market data
53Crypto & FinanceKrakenCrypto data
54Crypto & FinanceKuCoinCrypto data
55Crypto & FinanceNBP WebCurrency exchange rates and gold prices
56Crypto & FinanceNexchangeCryptocurrency market data
57Crypto & FinanceOKXCryptocurrency market data
58Crypto & FinanceRazorpay IFSCIndian Financial Systems Codes
59Crypto & FinanceWazirXCrypto data
60Developer ToolsAgifyPredict age based on a name
61Developer ToolsAPIC AgentDetect browser, OS, and device from user agent;%20Intel%20Mac%20OS%20X%2010_15_5)%20AppleWebKit/537.36%20(KHTML,%20like%20Gecko)%20Chrome/89.0.4389.114%20Safari/537.36
62Developer ToolsArul's Public APIsGet IP address
63Developer ToolsCloudflare TraceGet IP address, user agent, etchttps://
64Developer ToolsDigital Ocean StatusDigitalOcean status
65Developer ToolsFavicon GrabberGet the favicon for any site
66Developer ToolsFilterListsLists of filters used by ad blockers
67Developer ToolsGenderize.ioPredict gender based on a name
68Developer ToolsGoogle FaviconsGoogle's unofficial favicon fetcher
69Developer ToolsgoQRCreate and read QR codes
70Developer ToolsHTTPBinInspect user agent and headers
71Developer ToolsImage-ChartsChart images,40&chl=Hello|World&chan&chf=ps0-0,lg,45,ffeb3b,0.2,f44336,1|ps0-1,lg,45,8bc34a,0.2,009688,1
72Developer ToolsIPifyGet public IP address
73Developer Toolsis.gdURL shortener
74Developer ToolsMicrolinkRetrieve metadata and screenshots from any URL
75Developer ToolsNationalize.ioPredict nationality based on a name
76Developer ToolsQuickChartGenerate charts on-the-fly{type:'bar',data:{labels:[2019,2020,2021,2022, 2023],datasets:[{label:'Users',data:[120,60,50,180,120]}]}}
77Developer ToolsSerialif ColorGet colors in different formats
78Developer ToolsshrtcodeURL shortener
79Developer ToolsUn-ShortenUnshorten shortened URLs
80Developer ToolsURLhausReceive and submit malware URLs
81Food & DrinkCocktail DatabaseCocktail recipes
82Food & DrinkOpen Brewery DBBreweries
83Food & DrinkOpen Food FactsData on food products
84Food & DrinkPunkAPIBeer recipes
85Food & DrinkWhisky HunterWhisky auctions
86Fun & GamesAmiiboAPINintendo Amiibo database
87Fun & GamesBarterDigital game libraries, wishlists and tradables
88Fun & GamesBoard Game GeekBoard games
89Fun & GamesBoredActivity suggestions
90Fun & GamesCheapSharkPrice comparison for digital games
91Fun & GamesChuck Norris JokesChuck Norris facts
92Fun & GamesD&D 5th EditionOfficial 5th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons
93Fun & GamesDeck of CardsSimulate a deck of cards
94Fun & GamesEvil Insult GeneratorGenerate insults
95Fun & GamesFreeToGameFree-to-play games
96Fun & GamesGamerpowerFree games and giveaways
97Fun & GamesHyrule CompendiumThe Legend of Zelda: BOTW
98Fun & GamesicanhazdadjokeDad jokes
99Fun & GamesImgflipPopular memes
100Fun & GamesisEvenCheck if a number is even
101Fun & GamesJokeAPIJokes
102Fun & GamesjServiceTrivia questions from Jeopardy
103Fun & GamesMagic: The GatheringCards and sets from MTG
104Fun & GamesOfficial JokeJokes
105Fun & GamesOpen Trivia DBTrivia questions
106Fun & GamesPokéAPIPokémon data
107Fun & GamesPokémon TCGPokémon card data
108Fun & GamesPunAPIPuns
109Fun & GamesRuneScapeRunescape data
110Fun & GamesScryfallMagic: The Gathering card data
111Fun & GamesTCGdexPokémon card data
112Fun & GamesXIVAPIFinal Fantasy XIV
113Fun & Gamesxkcdxkcd comics
114Fun & GamesYes or No?Randomly generate a yes or no image
115GeoAdresseFrench addresses and geocoding
116GeoCountry.isLookup country by IP address
117GeoGeocodeForward/reverse geocoding,-0.12768?geoit=json
118GeoGeoJSGeolocation by IP address
119GeogeoPluginCurrency conversion and geolocation data
120GeoGetTheDataUK geo coordinates conversion
121GeoHelloSalutTranslate "hello" by IP address
122GeoHong Kong GeoData StoreHong Kong geo data
123GeoipapiGeolocation by IP address
124GeoIPGeoGeolocation by IP address
125GeoKennzeichengeneratorAustrian district information
126GeoNominatumLocations and addresses
127GeoOpen Topo DataDetermine elevation for lat/long,172.5|27.6,1.98&interpolation=cubic
128GeoPostcodesUK geo data by postcode
129GeoViaCEPBrazil's postal address codes (CEPs)
130GeoZippopotamusZip code information for 60 countries
131GeoZiptasticUS geo data by zipcode
132GovernmentBanco Central Do BrasilBrazil Central Bank data
133GovernmentBelgian Open Data InitiativeBelgian government open data
134GovernmentBrasilBrazil public data
135GovernmentCiviXLaw and bylaw content of British Columbia
136GovernmentColorado Information MarketplaceColorado state open data
137GovernmentData USAUS public data
138GovernmentData.govU.S. government open data government open data
140GovernmentDawumGerman election polls
141GovernmentEuropean Commission Taxation and CustomsEuropan Comission taxes
142GovernmentFBI WantedFBI Wanted data
143GovernmentFederal RegisterDaily journal of the US government
144GovernmentFood Standards AgencyUK restaurant hygiene ratings
145GovernmentNYC Open DataNew York City open data
146GovernmentOpen Data DCWashington DC open data,FROMMEASURE,TOMEASURE,FROMDATE,TODATE&outSR=4326&f=json
147GovernmentOpen Government, CanadaCanadian government open data
148GovernmentRepresent Civic InformationCanada's elected officials and electoral districts
149GovernmentUSAspendingU.S. federal government spending data
150GovernmentUSPTOUS Patent and Trademark Office
151GovernmentWorld BankWorld Bank open data
152HealthHealthCare.govUS health insurance data
153HealthMakeupMakeup brands and product info
154HealthNPPESUS health care providers
155HealthOpen DiseaseCovid-19 and influenza stats
156HealthopenFDAFood & Drug Administration data (US)
157InspirationAdvice SlipGenerate random advice
158InspirationAffirmationsGenerate affirmations
159InspirationBiriyana As a ServiceBiriyani images
160InspirationDictumInspiring expressions
161InspirationKanyeKanye quotes
162InspirationQuotableRandom quotes
163InspirationQuote GardenDatabase of 75000 quotes
164InspirationQuotes on DesignQuotes about design
165InspirationStoicism QuoteQuotes about stoicism
166LanguageChinese Character WebInformation about Chinese characters
167LanguageChinese Text ProjectDigital library for pre-modern Chinese texts
168LanguageDatamuseQuery words matching conditions
169LanguageFree DictionaryWord definitions and phonetics
170LanguagePurgoMalumCheck content for profanity
171MusicBinary JazzFetch a random genre
172MusiciTunes SearchiTunes content
173MusicMusicBrainzMusic data
174MusicOpenwhydPlaylists from various streaming platforms
175Open DataArchive.orgLarge public digital archive
176Open DataArul's Public APIsGet Costco gas prices in the DC area,woodbridge,sterling
177Open DataCarbon IntensityCarbon intensity of the electricity system in Great Britain
178Open DataData.Police.UKUK crime & police data
179Open DataHouse Stock WatcherUS Congress members' stock transactions
180Open DataIceland companiesSearch the icelandic company registry
181Open DataOpen LibraryInformation about books
182Open DataPM2.5PM2.5 environmental data monitoring
183Open DataTeleportLocation and quality of life data
184Open DataUniversities ListUniversities
185Open DataVehiclesNational Highway Traffic Safety Administration's catalog of vehicles specs
186Open DataWayback MachineInternet archive availability
187Open DataWikipediaPageview stats
188ScienceArcsecondWorldwide astronomy data
189SciencearXivResearch-sharing platform
190ScienceAsterankAsteroids, minor planets, and other objects
191ScienceCat-FactsDaily cat facts
192ScienceCelesTrakGeneral perturbations orbital data
193ScienceGBIFGlobal Biodiversity Information Facility,1899
194ScienceiDigBioDigitized data for millions of biological specimens{"data.dwc:dynamicProperties":"nsf_tcn"}&limit=1
195ScienceInspirehepScholarly information about high energy physics
196ScienceITISIntegrated Taxonomic Information System
197ScienceNASANational Aeronautics and Space Administration
198ScienceNewtonAdvanced math^2-1
199ScienceNumbersFacts about numbers
200ScienceOpen NotifyISS location and people in space
201ScienceSpaceflight NewsSpaceflight related news
202ScienceSpaceXLaunch and rocket data
203ScienceSunriseSunsetSunrise and sunset times
204ScienceTheSpaceDevsRocket launches, space events and crewed spaceflight
205ScienceUSGS Earthquake CatalogLatest earthquakes
206SportsBalldontlieNBA players, teams, games, stats
207SportsCityBikesBike sharing networks
208SportsErgast F1Motor racing data
209SportsFootball-DataFootball (soccer) competitions and data
210SportsnhlapiNHL data
211Test DataBacon IpsumGenerate fake data for testing
212Test DataCiprandGenerate random strings
213Test DataFakerGenerate fake data
214Test DataJSONPlaceholderFake REST API for testing
215Test DataLoripsumGenerate fake placeholder text
216Test DataRandomUserFake user data generator
217Test DataReqresTest against a real API
218Test DataRESTRest API for testing
219Test DataUUID GeneratorGenerate UUIDs and GUIDs
220TransportationDerhuerstPublic transport for Berlin & Brandenburg
221TransportationIceland flightslnternational flights at Keflavik Airport
222TransportationiRailBelgian railways
223TransportationMBTAPublic transport for Boston[route]=CR-Providence&include=representative_trip&fields[trip]=headsign
224TransportationMetro LisboaSubway line status
225Weather7Timer!Weather forecasts for astronomy
226WeatherAviation Weather CenterAviation Digital Data Service (ADDS) data
227WeatheropenSenseMapPersonal senseBox (weather station) data
228WeatherSG WeatherRealtime weather readings for Singapore
229WeatherwttrConsole-oriented weather forecast
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      • Thank you. It is a real cool site with over 5 million users. Maybe you can share some of your codes with us on this site 🙂

  1. Actually this is very nice !!!! I am searching for fun and free api's for a long time, this is like a crystal clear of what I exactly need !!! keep it up man .....Good Work!!!!!

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    This is great and useful thanks. However do you have any where I can use Key and Secret's to test api connectivity with high security which is more common these days?

  5. I just briefly tested the "Jokes" API and it immediately presented a racist joke. I did this during a class. You should reconsider listing that as a resource.

  6. Ana, we develop mission-critical environmental conservation apps for NGOs. Using Appsheet. New to APIs. Need access to soil and ecoregion data. Soil data from SSURGO and ecoregion data from US EPA. Should be possible. Can you find SSURGO APIs?

    • Hey Mark! I would just Google "SSURGO APIs" and see if any of the results look like what you're looking for. I tried and see several results, but since I don't have any background knowledge, I can't really evaluate their quality or relevance.

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  9. Hi, Thank you for providing this list of APIs, it looks really good. I believe you should also include (, which offers geolocation API and global IP database services globally.

    • You can find these by searching for "identity verification api" but I don't know of any free or open APIs for this, as far as I can see they are all enterprise solutions.


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