Track Popular Blog Tags and Categories in Google Analytics


  1. I was just about to implement google content group when I found this article. Are there any downsides of using events instead of content groups?

    1. With content groups, you can only assign a page to a single category. With this method, you can assign a page to multiple categories. If you only need to assign a page to a single category, just use content groups — it is super easy to set up and doesn’t require any custom code.

  2. Hi Ana. Thanks for the prompt reply. For some reason, I didn’t get an email notification. Just to be clear, if I have one blog post tagged with category-paid-search and category-reporting. If it got 3 visits, it would look like your report with each category having 3 visits?

    1. Right, your report would have one line for category-paid-search showing 3 visits, and a second line for category-reporting showing 3 visits.

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