Send Google Analytics Client ID with Contact Form 7


  1. It is nice article and helping me. But can i have both GA & GTM code in same website. How to avoid the duplicate views. I not yet used GTM still now. If i use the above method, is messed up in Ga? Let me know thanks

    1. GTM is a container for other tags. So if you implement GA via GTM, you would need to remove your on-page GA code to avoid double-counting.

  2. Thank you, it works nicely…. mostly!, however, Sometimes i get the email from some clients not including the Client ID, sometimes I get it having the “Undefined” and sometimes the value is blank… not sure why that happened… i tested that in Chrome, Edge and Firefox while making the hidden field visible and found the field get populated with the client ID, however, if I tested it on Firefox Private model the field don’t get populated!

    1. Glad it’s working out for you! (mostly)
      Firefox Private mode blocks GA tracking. That means that there is no GA client ID for that user, and they won’t show up in the form field or in your GA reports. Other add-ons / extensions also block tracking, so in some cases the GA client ID also won’t be available. I’m not sure why you’d get an ‘undefined’ though, let me know if you have any more details on when that happens and I’ll try to dig in a bit.

      1. Thanks Ana for your reply, Didn’t expect that 🙂
        I have 4 Contact 7 forms and I’m using a plugin to send the form details to a google spreadsheet after submission and to Mailchimp (If the visitor ticked that newsletter checkbox), I made the id text field visible for you under the submit button to make it easier for you to debug. Unfortunately, i couldn’t get the client id of over 30% of the total submissions. I tested it and sometimes on Chrome on android phone i get “Undefined” on the text field same as many of my visitors submissions and also some my visitor get the text ID blank (not sure which browser those with blank textbox are using).

        I tried to use the same textbox ID name with all 4 forms and also tried to use different text ID for each form (ex. hidId1, hidId2 …) and added your snippet to the tag 4 times with the different IDs but i got the same result, “blanks and undefined”. and sometimes some of the forms get “undefined” and other forms work properly!
        My ultimate goal for me to collect that client ID is as the following
        After submission, the page will redirect to a page with call to action button “create a review” that has a GA event set for it, My goal is to identify the ones who didn’t click on that create review button and maybe identify them in the MailChimp list or on the google sheet list so I can target them with a followup email after they receive there gift. Since Google doesn’t allow to send a personal info to GA so I thought your idea could be the solution which is to collect the client ID for each email and match it with the GA data to identify which ones who didn’t click on that button.

        In case if there were no solutions to make your idea more reliable do you suggest anyway to achieve my goal in a better way, maybe by updating a mailchimp mergetag for each subscriber with the result of the GA goal completation result or something like that.

        below you can find the all 4 forms

      2. I checked your 4 forms and all populated correctly 100% of the time in my tests, so it’s a little hard for me to troubleshoot. My best guess is that on slow connections/devices, the client ID isn’t always ready by the time the form field logic runs.
        To address this, I’d test delaying when the form field gets populated. The instructions above populate the form using the trigger Page View – Window Loaded. I’d create a second, delayed trigger that pushes in the client ID a second time, in case it wasn’t ready on the first attempt. You can do this as follows:
        1) create a new custom HTML tag with the following script:
        window.setTimeout(function() {
        event: ‘delayedPageview’
        }, 1500);
        2) fire this new tag using the same Page View – Window Loaded trigger from step 5
        3) create a new trigger with trigger type = custom event, event name = delayedPageview
        4) add this new trigger to your original “push the client ID” tag from step 4.

        It looks a bit convoluted, but essentially it’s just creating a delayed trigger 1.5 seconds after the first, and then populating the field via both the original trigger and the delayed one 1500 milliseconds (1.5 seconds) later.

        I’m not really sure about alternate methods, but please try the above and let me know how it goes.

  3. Thanks so much again for your reply and help, I have a feeling that delayed page view would solve that issue, I tried it on Android/Chrome and saw the textbox value turn after 1.5 seconds from from “undefined” to the client ID so I think that could solve the issue however i won’t be certain before maybe 1-3 days to collect some real visitors submissions. I will let you know if it completely solved the issue in case you wanna update the post with that delayed page load trick.

    btw there was a small typo on your snippet… it’s the apostrophe on ‘delayedPageview’ … it should be ‘delayedPageview’ otherwise GTM will give an error.

    1. Great, thanks for your update and for catching the delayedPageview thing, it will be useful if anyone else reads this later. I think it’s an issue with how WordPress encodes characters. Please let me know how it goes, I’ll update the post if it works out.

      1. Hi Ana,
        I wanted to confirm that your delayed page view trick really works, i no longer get undefined value anymore, Thanks so much for your help

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