[Solution] An error occured while the tag was fired: net :: ERR_ABORTED

Google's Tag Assistant plugin is a great tool for troubleshooting various Google tags like Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and Google Tag Manager; just install and navigate to your site to enable checks for hundreds of issues. This post will describe how to fix a couple of the most common issues reported by the Tag Assistant plugin: "An error occurred while the tag was fired: net :: ERR_ABORTED" & "An error occured while the tag was fired: net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT."

This issue is usually associated with the AdWords Conversion Tracking or the Google Remarketing tag.


If you click into the tag details, you'll see the net::err_aborted or net::err_blocked error message:


Errors like "An error occured while the tag was fired: net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT" ,"An error occurred while the tag was fired: net :: ERR_ABORTED", "Error while sending request: net::ERR_BLOCKED_BY_CLIENT", etc. usually mean that your own web browser has blocked the script from firing. In other words, it doesn't mean that the script doesn't work!

Why would your browser block the request? Many tags get blocked when you use an adblocker or even antivirus plugin. Therefore to fix this issue from being reported in Google Tag Assistant, simply do the following:

  1. Disable your adblocker. Usually this can be done by clicking the icon in your browser bar:error-occurred-img3
  2. Now reload the page, with the adblocker off. You should see the tag firing properly without any error message.

If the above doesn't work, disable any other extensions that may be blocking tags, e.g. Avira Browser Safety, Privacy Badger, or other anti-tracker/antivirus plugins, and reload the page.

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23 thoughts on “[Solution] An error occured while the tag was fired: net :: ERR_ABORTED”

  1. I've turned all chrome extensions except google tag assistant however, the tag doesn't fire properly, even at your site

    • Sorry, not sure what “even at your site” refers to as this site doesn’t produce this error (and doesn’t contain any AdWords or remarketing pixels). Please share a link to your site if you’d like me to take a look.

      • I mean, tag assistant extension giving me those errors [An error occured while the tag was fired: ] & [Error while sending request: ] at your site "mixed analytics", the same as any other site! so as mine too. i turned of all chrome extensions, however, it didn't help. in addition, gtm p&d tool is't working and gives me that error [This site can’t be reached
        http://www.googletagmanager.com’s server IP address could not be found.
        Try running Windows Network Diagnostics.

      • i mean the gtm code at your site, tag assistant tool gives me those kind of errors at yours, mine, and any other site uses gtm. In addition gtm p&d tools doesn't work [This site can’t be reached
        http://www.googletagmanager.com’s server IP address could not be found.
        Try running Windows Network Diagnostics.
        this is my site covaluse.com

  2. Make sure your GTag Container is published. Was having the same issue but that sorted it for me for testing

  3. I am still having the issue. The following errors: An error occured while the tag was fired: net::ERR_FAILED & Error while sending request: net::ERR_FAILED. This is occurring on 'Google Ads Remarketing Tag'. There are 2 identical requests, #1 is good(green) and #2 is the above two errors(red). The requests contain [ecomm_pagetype:product, visitor_type:Guest, event:view_item, google_business_vertical:retail, id:"example"]. I thought this would be a simple issue of an ad blocker, but after removing all extensions except GTM assistant, the problem persists. There is the manual validation but I've never done that before and never had this issue. Any similar experiences? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    • A few ideas:
      1) disable any anti-virus program you're running on your computer, as these may affect your browser
      2) if you're not using Chrome, try with a different browser
      3) make sure you've published at least one tag in Google Tag Manager. GTM can produce this error if you're running the GTM code without an active version.

      • Thanks for your response. No active anti-virus. I have over 50 published tags. Along with the previously mentioned issue, the error: 'some products are not valid' is present. Thanks again!

      • Ah sorry... I'm not sure then, but this error message usually doesn't point to an actual problem, just an issue with your specific browser blocking the tracking call. Can you log into Google Ads and check if data is being received?

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