GA Event Tracking in GTM – Pass-Through Data Layer


  1. Best instructions I’ve ever seen. Straight to the point, simple and for some reasons noone else seems to be able to do this. Good job.

  2. Thank you very much for this post. I was used to the old way without GTM, of justing calling the ga(‘send’,’event’,’category’,’action’,’label’). I had to go through a lot of digging, before finally i found a good article on sending the event via javascript.

  3. I’m having a little trouble getting this to work and I’m not sure how I can go about debugging it. I think I’ve followed the directions in the article properly. It’s a little fuzzy to me how exactly GTM hears the event being fired. I put mine within a click event handler that simply pushed the values into the dataLayer object as you’ve outlined in the first step. Does GTM watch for changes to that object, or is there something else I need to do to make GTM pass the values?

    1. As long as the data layer push is correctly configured, GTM will automatically hear the event being fired. What happens when you open up GTM Preview mode? You should see the data layer pushes reflected in the left-hand panel. Please also remember that to actually use those values for GTM tags, you’ll need to set up triggers and variables to collect the information from the data layer.

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