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  1. Hi, I am using your great Google Sheets add-on! One question, is there a way I can check exactly what time the archive runs? The scheduling options only give a 1-hour range.

    1. I suggest adding the following formula to an empty cell in your source range: =now()
      That formula will produce a full timestamp like ‘7/9/2018 15:30:59’. When the archive process runs, it will paste-as-values all the data in your range, including the timestamp that was current at that moment.

  2. ScriptError: Authorization is required to perform that action.
    Hi, I received this when I try to archieve, what may be the possible cause?

    1. Can you please try logging out of all Google accounts in your browser and then logging back into just the one using the add-on, or using an incognito/private window? Google sometimes gets confused about permissions when you’re logged into multiple accounts. Let me know if that helps.

      1. thank you, it works.
        I also want to know: I have multiple sheets, where each sheet may contain different data, but I only want to archive active sheet only, is this possible?

      2. I’m not sure I totally understand your question, but if you need to run archives based on some condition, would it be possible for you to make a new sheet with formulas that pull in your ‘active’ data? Then you could set up on archive for just that sheet.

  3. Is there an option to set up the archive to run daily? On the drop down menu for frequency I can’t see the options (just a blank box ) When I move my curse it selects words I can’t see, but when I select them I only see Weekly and Monthly as options.

    1. Yes, you can set the archive to run hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly. I’m not sure why the options are showing up as a blank box for you but I suspect it’s an issue with your browser. Would you be able to open the add-on in another browser (e.g. IE or Firefox) to check if the issue persists?

    1. You can’t archive directly from another spreadsheet, but you can first use =IMPORTRANGE() to pull data into your spreadsheet, and then select and set that imported data as your source range.

    1. Hi Tiffany, good question! The limit is due to Google’s document properties storage limit, which gets filled up after 19 values. It should be possible to implement string compression or some other method to increase the limit, but I wasn’t aware of any demand for more than 19 archives. May I ask how many (approx) you could see yourself using in a single doc? That will help me figure out the best solution.

    1. It will use the timezone of your sheet. You can click File > Spreadsheet settings if you need to check what that is.

    1. Thanks, Ron! Google does not allow add-ons to run triggers more than once an hour. If that ever changes I’ll add more frequent triggers right away.

  4. Hi Ana, this is great! One quick question – is there any way to set up a Google Sheet so it archives once per hour, but only for a limited (but cyclical) period? More specifically, I’m trying to run a once-per-hour archive of my sheet but I only want that to occur every Monday. Is there any way to make that happen?

    1. Thanks, Kevin! Archive Data doesn’t currently provide any custom scheduling functionality, it’s just hourly / daily / weekly / monthly. I guess you could set up a bunch of weekly archives for different hours, but that would be a pretty clunky solution. I’ll consider adding something better in the future.

  5. Is there any way to manually trigger only certain archives? I’d like to have the option to choose between several sources to archive from, but can only see an option to trigger all the archives.

    1. Sorry, you can only manually trigger all at once. This is because the main functionality of this add-on is around scheduling, so only the scheduling functionality lets you select individual archive processes.
      Out of curiosity, would you find manually triggering a single archive much more convenient than simply copy/pasting it?

  6. Hi Ana,

    thanks for this great add-on. It really helps us to save a lot of time.

    One quick question: we would like to use your add-on to archive an unknown number of data rows for the last day and add it to another spreadsheet tab. Something like that:

    Source: Data!A2:B
    Destination: Archiv!A2:B

    While this works fine for the first time, we receive an error at the second time, because the ranges don’t have the same size:

    “The number of rows in the data does not match the number of rows in the range.”

    Is there any way to get this running?

    Thanks a lot in advance for your answer.

    1. Hi Tobias, thanks for the comment. That’s an interesting request. Unfortunately Archive Data only works with ranges of a fixed size, there is no way to handle a dynamically sized range. Sorry for the inconvenience. Perhaps you could choose a range that’s large enough to cover your maximum number of rows, and then filter out blanks with a formula on your end?

    2. Hi Tobias, you mentioned that you found a way to make dynamic range work. Can you explain how ? I’m facing the same problem.
      @Ana Thanks for a great tool !

  7. Hello,
    Thank you for a great add-on! Is there a way that once data has been archived to a new sheet, that the original sheet removes the information on it?

    Thank you!

    1. Hey Marco, glad you like the add-on. Archive Data will only copy, not delete, data while archiving. Maybe you could achieve this by putting all your data onto a second sheet, and building in some IF() logic so your source range only pulls in that data before/after a certain date.

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