Coremetrics Tip: Analyzing Traffic to a Specific Page


  1. This Information is very useful, I work as a web analytic specialists and the more COREMETRICS related information you can post on this page the more will help us to apply best practices in the reporting and analysis process.

    Many Thanks

    1. Hi Oscar! Sorry for the delayed response, I just saw this.
      If you want to track traffic coming from other sites, the easiest way is to go to Marketing > Referring Sites. This will show you a list of all the sites that sent traffic and you can use the search box to find the site you’re looking for.

      One thing to note, though, is that this report will just show you the high-level domain. If you want to see the exact page on Pinterest that the traffic came from, you’ll need to use Explore and choose Display Column = Referring URL.

      Hope that helps!

  2. Ana, is there anything like GA’s Secondary Dimensions in Coremetrics?
    Applied to this example, you would go to “Entry Pages” report and then choose “source” as a secondary dimension to see the referrals to that particular page, displayed without manually apply a segment.

    1. Hey there, to do this you can go to Explore and make a Flat List report, choosing Entry Page and Marketing Channel as your Display Columns. The regular interface is mostly just for the canned reports so you usually need Explore for these customized ones. GA lets you do all the customization in the main tool so it’s more like a combination of Analytics + Explore.

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