[Solution] Same web property ID is tracked twice


      1. Maybe you fixed it since you posted — I just checked and don’t see any tracking error, or any warning message in Tag Assistant.

    1. Hi Pawel, I checked your site and the issue is that the same GA code is firing twice: one via Google Tag Manager, and once via a service called CallPage. Check the CallPage settings and either disable the GA tracking or send it to a different property ID.

    1. Hi Marija, I checked it and the problem is that you are firing the GA code both directly on the page and again through Google Tag Manager (GTM). This means every page is being counted twice.
      To fix this, you need to remove one copy of the GA code. I suggest keeping the GTM version and removing the GA code from the page. I can’t get more specific because I don’t know how your website is structured, but basically you need to find where GA gets added to the site, and remove it. Good luck 🙂

    1. Hi Sergey, I see the code on your page firing 5 times to a single tracker, meaning your page views are being counted 5x too high.
      From what I can tell, the extra pageviews are coming from this script: brain.com.ua/build/retail.js?20180329. Please remove it from the page and see if that resolves the problem.

    1. Hey there, you have the GA code firing from both within a script (pptaccess.com/cdn-cgi/apps/head/yeBqAOWLrE5L_1tK101nGDWoKGM.js) and from within Google Tag Manager (GTM). I’m not totally sure what that script is but it appears to be related to Cloudflare. So I suggest disabling GA from within Cloudflare, or otherwise removing the GA section from the script, and using GTM only. Please let me know if that works for you!

  1. HI I have same issue and I already read your tutorial but not the problem still Same web property ID is tracked twice, and I would appreciate some assistance. my we site raqidigital.com

    1. I checked your site but Tag Assistant isn’t showing any error for me. If you’re still seeing an error, shoot me a message via the contact form and I’ll take another look.

    1. What happens when you actually click on the ‘2 requests’ text? I’ve seen this issue on another site, where Tag Assistant originally showed 3 Remarketing Tag requests, but when I clicked on the ‘3 Requests’ text, it collapsed them together and showed them as just 1.

  2. Hey,
    Thank you for sharing! However, I tried all your tips and nothing worked.
    My Google Tag Assistant says “Same web property ID is tracked twice.” & “Non-standard implementation.” What does that mean?
    The website is: http://www.interoffices.com

    1. I checked your site and don’t see the “Same web property ID is tracked twice” error message in Tag Assistant, so maybe you’ve updated your site since posting this comment. And you can ignore the “non-standard implementation” message since your code is firing fine. (It’s just a false error message that appears when your GTM account ID is longer than 6 characters).

  3. Try and figure this one out then! I’m stuck!
    Same web property ID is tracked twice apparently. I’m not using GTM. I only have one analytics ID being picked up in my source code. I’m using the default Magento 2 integration. No other tracking code in header/footer or javascript. If I disable Analytics in Magento, I lose both ‘tracked pages’ – perhaps a bug?

    1. Hi Sam, I checked your site and as you said, the script is only set once via Magento. And since both tracking calls disappear when you disable Magento, it confirms that this is a bug with the Magento GA integration. I checked online and found this bug discussed here: https://github.com/magento/magento2/issues/12221. That page says it will be fixed with the with the upcoming 2.3.0 release, but if you’d like to fix it earlier, you can try disabling the default Magento GA integration and implementing GA through a different Magento plugin.

    1. I found the GA script twice on your page: once via the MonsterInsights plugin, and once again via Google Tag Manager. So just delete one of those and you should be good. (I personally prefer to install GA via GTM rather than a plugin, but it’s up to you). Hope that helps!

      1. Thanks Ana! Can you help how to find this error? Use Google Chrome dev tool or other services.

      2. I followed the steps I described in the first method above: opened the GA Debugger and filtered for ‘pageview’.

    1. I checked your site and I see 2 possibilities. First, I see Global Site Tag (gtag.js) on your site, as well as Magento’s built-in tracking. This could be the problem as normally you should only have one or the other, not both. However, in this case it also looks like your gtag.js snippet is missing a line, in which case it’s not firing anyway.

      The other possibility is you’re running into a known Magento bug, in which their GA tracking code fires twice (details: https://github.com/magento/magento2/issues/12221). They should be fixing this by the end of 2018. In the meantime I suggest disabling Magento’s GA tracking and fixing your version of the Global Site Tag. You can find the full script at Admin > Property > Tracking Info > Tracking Code.

  4. Hi Ana,

    I would be grateful for your help on this. https://apprisemed.co.uk

    I installed Google Optimize, using GA, as recommended to reduce latency as would otherwise occur if used GTM which is easier. I’m getting a problem, ‘same web property ID Is being tracked twice’.

    Much appreciated

    1. Hi Sam, I checked your site with the GA Debugger and see ‘gtm1.send’ and ‘gtm2.send’ pageview calls, which means you have 2 pageview tags being set in GTM. I don’t think this is related to your Optimize installation, you just need to log into GTM and remove one of the extra Google Analytics Page View tags.

    1. Hi Marcus, using the GA debugger I see one line that reads ga(“send”, “pageview”) and another that reads ga(“gtm1.send”, “pageview”). This means you have GA code firing from both a script on your page and from within GTM. To fix this, I suggest removing the code from your script and using just GTM (though you could alternately do the reverse). The script looks to be located at /cdn-cgi/apps/head/mEKuAwu_y_u1Qu9t6St41ByEyd4.js.

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