Meta: How Google Analytics Tracks Its Own Analytics

Working as a Google Analytics / Google Tag Manager consultant, it's common to navigate around the web with tools like the Google Analytics Debugger and Google Analytics Tag Assistant still active in the browser. These tools display information about every tracking call sent to Google Analytics' servers, allowing you to view and debug the GA implementation of ... Read more

Same web property ID is tracked twice

Google's Tag Assistant plugin is an indispensable tool for troubleshooting various Google tags like Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and Google Tag Manager; just install and navigate to your site to enable checks for nearly 300 possible issues. This post will describe how to fix of one of the most common issues reported by this plugin: ... Read more

Multiple vs. Single Containers in Google Tag Manager

This post addresses whether it's better to use a single Tag Manager container for a website, or to create different containers for different sections of the site. For smaller companies, it may be obvious that a single container should serve the entire company, but for large companies with multiple business owners and site sections, it ... Read more