Master List of Coremetrics Query Strings


  1. Great, this information is very helpful, I have one of the Not sure answers (lp:landing page) is usually the first page of each session.

    Thanks again Ana for sharing this

    1. Hi Marcelo, you can check the “ul” parameter and the “rf” parameter. On the landing page, the “ul” parameter may hold a value like, in which case Coremetrics takes that cm_mmc value and uses it to define the traffic source.

      For visits coming in from direct, organic search, etc, there won’t be a cm_mmc value. so in those cases Coremetrics will check the “rf” (referring site) paramater to see where the visit came from. Either way it all gets processed on Coremetrics’ servers so there’s no straightforward way to check how it’s going to show up in the reports.

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