Google Analytics Event Tracking in Google Tag Manager

There are many types of site interactions you may be interested in tracking: scroll distance down a page, clicks on a hero image, email address submissions, and so on. All of these can be tracked using Google Analytics' event tracking tags, which in turn can be set through Google Tag Manager (GTM). GTM is a ... Read more

Add Custom Metric to GA Using Google Tag Manager

Every report in Google Analytics contains dimensions and metrics. Dimensions describe the data, and metrics measure them. Custom metrics let you measure additional items beyond the default measurements like "sessions" and "total events". It's easy to overlook them because it's often possible to get similar results in other ways (e.g. events + goals), but custom ... Read more

Multiple vs. Single Containers in Google Tag Manager

This post addresses whether it's better to use a single Tag Manager container for a website, or to create different containers for different sections of the site. For smaller companies, it may be obvious that a single container should serve the entire company, but for large companies with multiple business owners and site sections, it ... Read more

Track Disappearing Elements with Google Tag Manager

CSS selectors are one of the most flexible methods for creating triggers in Google Tag Manager. You can usually view the CSS selector for an element by opening the developer console (F12 on Windows/Linux or option + ⌘ + J on OSX) and clicking the inspect elements icon, or just hovering over the element and right-clicking Inspect. In some cases, however, this method ... Read more