Alternatives to Coremetrics TagBar


  1. the ‘at’ parameter you have listed as ‘not sure’ is the Action Tag. The values are 5 for a Shop Action 5 Tag or 9 for a Shop Action 9 Tag.

  2. Sure. That was one I actually knew. Your article hepled a lot. I’ve been looking for a breakdown of all of the CM parameters. I even tried to get more info from IBM and they wouldn’t tell me what everything meant.

  3. Hey, here’s another one for you… In the Technical Properties Tag the ‘jv’ parameter is the JavaScript Version, I believe. In this case, version 1.6.

  4. Yeah, not sure if they don’t want us to know or just don’t remember the definitions anymore 😉 Thank you for the new definition as well, this is great! Do you find it useful to see the actual parameters instead of what gets displayed in TagBar?

  5. It’s hard to say really. The Tag Bar does show the error messages, which can be helpful if there actually is an error (which is suspect). It think using another tool and looking for the parameters is a bit easier, once you get a list of what the parameters mean. Some of them do get displayed in the TagBar as well, so those are easy to find in the image requests. All the other ones that you have here are the ones that it’s helpful to have this list for. I’m guessing IBM wants to force you to use the TagBar…

  6. Hello,
    The rnd (Random #) parameter is used to have a different url whatever the user is. Thus it could not be cached by a CDN (Akamai for instance…) Thanks for the article

    1. Chris, that’s awesome – you are going to make many people very happy! Is there any documentation on how to get it running? I installed it and navigated to some sites running Coremetrics but it was still coming up blank, do I need to turn something on first (or am I just missing something obvious…)

      1. Ana, You only need to install the extension in Chrome and restart Chrome. Once you restart Chrome, you will find and external window that will show most of the Coremetrics tags once they are fired up. This extension is great for Google Chrome lovers, Thanks to Chris Dial for sharing the extension and source code to make changes to the extension


    2. Chris, please could you check the pull request which I have sent to you on GitHub – it contains some new features for yours otherwise great extension.

  7. Hi Ana Kravitz,

    I have configured coremetrics for my client site. while loading home page and category page response time is more. we observed that this is happening because of impression tags(i.e., automatic impression tags). Now we have decided to disable Automatic Impression Tags. I have tried some scenarios it is not working. Can you please help me how to disable or turn off Impression tags for the site. In home page we are loading eluminate.js and cmcustom.js

    1. Hey Harikrishna, are you using site promotions tracking? Automatic impression tags are often set because you’re using site promotions tracking that automatically enables impression tracking. If this is the case you’ll need to switch to using Manual Link Click tags using the cmCreateManualLinkClickTag() function. I suspect this will work, but please let me know if it doesn’t or send me a link so I can check it outl

  8. Thank you for your reply Ana. In cmdatatagutils.js I have changed a line from
    var cm_TrackImpressions = “RS”; to var cm_TrackImpressions = “”;. Now I am not getting automatic impression tags.

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