Sessions per Page in Google Analytics

Misunderstood Metrics #2: Sessions Per Page

Sessions are a standard metric throughout Google Analytics.  But one place you don’t see them is in the Content > Pages report.    Here, instead, you’ll see Pageviews and Unique Pageviews.

content report

Many enterprising users therefore try to get around this by creating their own custom report containing Page as the dimension and Sessions as the metric.

While Google Analytics will allow you to create this report, the combination doesn’t actually work.   In Google Analytics’ data model, the visit count increments only on the first page of a visit.  Therefore when you force Sessions and Page together into a report, it is actually showing you Sessions per landing page, and the counts will be understated.

If you would like to see how many sessions contained a page view of a particular page, use the Unique Pageviews metric or create a segment on the Page you’re interested in and view the Audience > Overview report.

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