Google Analytics Consulting for Ecommerce

Thank you for your interest! However, I am no longer available for new consulting projects. If you'd like to keep up with what I'm working on, please check out my API Connector add-on to pull data from any API into Google Sheets.


Whether you're trying to resolve Google Analytics transaction tracking issues and discrepancies, implement Enhanced Ecommerce, or just want definitive answers to technical questions, Mixed Analytics can help with your Google Analytics implementation for ecommerce. We specialize in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, and have worked with dozens of e-commerce sites through each step of the process, from planning through implementation. Make sure you have credible data for making informed product and marketing decisions.

Custom Reporting

No more boring dashboard and report creation. Mixed Analytics will help you create automated custom reports using GA's built-in custom report functionality, Google Sheets, and Google Data Studio. We specialize in producing dashboards for ecommerce sites, and can help with dashboard design, implementation, and automation so the data is ready when you need it.

Mixed Analytics is also the developer of the highly rated Google Sheets plugins Archive Data and API Connector.

Data Interpretation & Analysis

Mixed Analytics will set up A/B tests, dig through the data, and find conversion drivers and trends important for your business. We are experienced with Optimizely, Visual Website Optimizer, and Google Optimize.