Google Analytics Audits

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Professional Google Analytics Setup and Code Review

This comprehensive Google Analytics Audit service will ensure that your Google Analytics tracking has been correctly implemented.  It will identify and fix issues like malformed or duplicate code snippets, incorrect or superfluous data in the reports, mis-firing events, and so on.

You may already be trying to resolve tracking issues and discrepancies, or you may just want to have a thorough evaluation.  A comprehensive Google Analytics audit will identify all tracking issues and fix them.  This is a fundamental step to ensuring that you have credible data for making the informed decisions that ultimately drive traffic and increase conversions.

Process Overview

The Google Analytics Audit process involves an extremely detailed, technical, and practical 65-point audit that will ensure your data is clean and accurate.

It includes a top to bottom, sitewide audit of your Google Analytics implementation. A few of the topics that will be covered:

  • Sub-domain and cross-domain issues. These can break sessions and cause traffic to be artificially overstated (and mis-attributed)
  • Redirects. These can wipe out campaign tracking parameters.
  • Ecommerce / enhanced ecommerce tracking. This must be validated to ensure conversion funnels and transaction details are correctly captured.
  • Campaign tracking. Ensure that all marketing is tagged properly so you can accurately calculate marketing return on investment.
  • Filters and views. Used improperly, filters can give you an incomplete or, worse, inaccurate view of the data.
  • Query string cleanup. Clean up messy URLs to make reporting easier and avoid triggering issues with excessive data
  • Goals and funnels. Make sure you’re accurately tracking important site milestones.

Google Analytics Audit Checklist

Audit Item Description
Ensure logical organization of accounts, properties, and views
Review Admin settings such as default URL, session and campaign timeout, and advertising & reporting features
Configure user ID view
Ensure referral exclusion is correctly set up for 3rd party e-commerce carts
Ensure Analytics is correctly linked to Google AdWords, Search Console, and other systems
Recommend and provide implementation instructions for custom dimensions and custom metrics
Exclude query parameters for clean URL data
Remove all personally identifying information as required by Google's terms of service
Set up site search for onsite search term tracking
Audit all existing goals for accuracy
Configure content grouping for ease of reporting
Set up filters to remove internal traffic
Recommend filters for clean data, such as forcing text to lowercase
Review and recommend improvements to channel grouping and "utm" tagging
Review each step of e-commerce tracking to ensure a clean, accurate, and logical implementation
Ensure all tracking uses the newest version of Google Analytics
Run a technical audit on all tracking tags to ensure they are firing correctly
Ensure error pages are tracked
Ensure sites using single page app technology have Google Analytics installed correctly
Provide recommendations for event tracking to track user interactions with all important site elements

Pricing & Terms

The basic audit fee is $3500.  The main deliverable will be a document containing the results of the audit and exact setup and tagging recommendations, which will be followed by a call to walk through it, answer any questions, and make any required additions. The audit process will typically take 1 week.

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