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API Library

API Connector includes a built-in library of commonly used API URLs.

To access the library, simply enter a keyword search. You may search on API name, description, or category.

When you click on a result from the API library, the following fields are preset for you:

  • Method
  • URL. Any dynamic variables that you need to populate will be indicated with curly brackets, e.g. {api_key}. Do not include the brackets when you substitute in your own value.
  • OAuth selection. If you are on a plan that doesn’t include OAuth, this will remain as “None”.
  • Headers
  • Pagination. The correct pagination type for that API will be automatically selected, with a page count of 1. If you are on a plan that doesn’t include pagination, this will not be set.
  • JMESPath. In some cases, a JMESPath query will be set.
  • Name
  • Destination Sheet. This will be set to the same value as the name.

Any of the above values can be edited once the request is loaded into the sidebar, or simply click Run to use the preset values.

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