Client Testimonials

from email:

You’ve helped with eCommerce tracking most notably, but getting a proper implementation in place across the board really. The main obstacle towards fixing our implementation was that we understood many of the problems and had ideas about how they could be addressed, but no idea how things were supposed to be setup. Your recommendations were thorough, direct, and maintained a consistent approach across all metrics and site sections. I also greatly appreciated your prompt and comprehensive responses to our followup questions.

You did a fantastic job and there’s very little room for improvement.

-Director of Business Intelligence at Chloe & Isabel

from linkedin

Ana was the type of engaged and savvy client every technology company wants to partner with! She completely embraced our Google Analytics Premium service, constantly challenging us to develop the tool and meet her company’s more sophisticated needs. Her insight and ideas helped shape product development, and our PM team valued her input greatly. Ana evangelized about analytics within her organization (and at previous jobs) and as a result got groups as diverse as marketing and IT seeing the benefits of website analysis. She facilitated discussions with teams throughout the company (mobile, data warehouse, ad serving) with a wider view of a solution that would meet everyone’s needs.

Ana is very highly thought of within the analytics world. Her blog is a huge favorite among us at Google. She is a true professional whose strongest asset is her ability to listen to your problems and find solutions without blinding you with technical jargon. Everyone on the Google team really enjoyed every interaction with her.

-Head of Platform Sales – Analytics at Google

Ana has helped me with questions about web analytics configuration and reporting on several occasions. She is responsive and thorough in her explanations, and generously shares her knowledge about a wide range of analytics topics on her blog. She’s a great peer to have in the industry and would be wonderful to work with on any project.

-Digital Marketer and Analytics Professional

Ana is an expert in what she does. She helped us fix a 3 year old problem with Google Analytics and she did it fast. Great communication and a pleasure to work with. We will use her services in the future for sure. Thank you!

-Director of Web Usability and Analytics

Ana is brilliant when it comes to Google Analytics E-commerce Conversion tracking. I struggled for hours and hours trying to get this to work with our third party ticket provider, Vendini, using the code they created and insisted was correct. I spent several more hours with the Product Manager at Vendini who insisted the code they provided was correct and that the error was on the Google Analytics side. Within an hour of hiring Ana, she had it working and within a couple more hours she added bells and whistles so that we are getting very detailed information on ticket purchases and can now roll out our affiliate program to exhibitors at The Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Shows. I would consider Ana in the top 1% in understanding Google Analytics. She is very detail oriented, organized, quick to respond and communicates in a very clear and effective manner. We will be using Ana again to help with more Google Analytics and SEO, which are major initiatives of ours this year. Thank you Ana!!!!

-CEO at The Metropolitan Cooking & Entertaining Show

Ana always provide a tremendous analytics support that I find extremely valuable. She has demonstrated a high degree of expertise in analytics. Her knowledge and recommendations are immediately actionable. In addition, her style is always open to questions (related to a variety of analytics tools including Coremetrics, Google analytics and Omniture) willingly gave her time responding to questions thoroughly, this are some of few reasons why I certainly would recommend Ana.

-Web Analytics Specialist at AAMC

Ana consulted on a complex Google Analytics project and provided outstanding personal attention and service. She is an expert in web analytics/conversion optimization and I will definitely be requesting her service again in the near future. I highly recommend Ana to anyone looking for web analytics help, she makes it easy to understand and is a pleasure to work with!

-Digital Marketing Analyst

Ana joined our E-commerce team and quickly proved to be a valuable asset. Originally hired to manage the analytics of our three web stores, she whipped the entire marketing and development teams into shape with her steadfast, even-keeled facts and recommendations. Ana has a particular ability to communicate her findings and viewpoints in a way that instills an incredible sense of trustworthiness and reliability. During her years at Conde Nast she continually took on more responsibility and was frequently called upon by other teams for her keen analysis and insights. Without a doubt I would recommend Ana to any company, large or small.

-Marketing & Social Media Specialist

Ana was a pleasure to work under. Not only did Ana provide quality and timely reports, to assist in the marketing process. She was very thorough, detailed and would provide her recommendation based on her learnings. Ana is very knowledgeable, if she doesn’t know the answer to something she will find it. I would definitely recommend Ana’s abilities, I look forward to working with her on any future projects.

-CEO/President at Blank Marketing Solutions

I really enjoyed working with Ana. Her attention to detail combined with with her sharp analytical skills and strategic focus led to profit margins that exceeded all expectations.

-Associate Director at Conde Nast

I have had the pleasure of working with Ana on numerous e-commerce marketing projects. She is incredibly intelligent, organized and very easy to get along with.

-Editor at Scout Guide

Ana has an intuitive approach to all aspects of business. She is a problem solver and fearless in her approach to hurdles, with an uncanny ability to think outside the box. At PlanetOut she took the reigns of our Omniture account and harnessed the power of site analytics to further revenue goals for the company. Ana is also key to branch department resources and knowledge towards a common goal. Her research-driven insights provide valuable guidance and intelligence. I would recommend Ana as a valuable asset to any growing company.

-Senior Campaign Manager at Future US

Ana has been a tremendous benefit to our department since she joined Conde Nast more than a year and a half ago. With a practical focus on what really works in marketing, she has made our entire e-commerce marketing operation more effective. Rather than merely producing reports, Ana draws conclusions based on careful analysis and uses that data to make invaluable suggestions for improvement. Beyond that, she is unfailingly calm, generous of her time and expertise, and considerate of others – qualities that have certainly helped to make her the strong leader she is.

-Freelance Copy Editor at Conde Nast