Stop Chrome's Address Bar Auto-Completing Page Titles

Chrome has recently begun auto-completing the address bar with its best guess of the page title you'd like to retrieve. Here's a comparison showing the behavior of the address bar with and without auto-complete.


While this may be useful for many, if you're on this page you're likely looking for how to turn it off 😀 To prevent this behavior, navigate to chrome://flags/ to open the list of Chrome flags, and search for omnibox-rich-autocompletion-promising (or just navigate directly to chrome://flags/omnibox-rich-autocompletion-promising#omnibox-rich-autocompletion-promising )

Switch this to "disabled" and relaunch Chrome. You will no longer see page titles in the auto-complete of your address bar.

4 thoughts on “Stop Chrome's Address Bar Auto-Completing Page Titles”

  1. Thank you! Thought it'd be related to the autofill sync settings, but disabling the flag worked for me. Maybe the feature is useful to others but annoyingly it'd often take me to a google search of the page title instead of the actual URL itself. Hope others may find this useful.


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