API Connector & Databar.ai API Request Templates

We’re pleased to announce that we are collaborating with databar.ai to provide a library of preset API requests within API Connector.

What is Databar.ai?

Databar.ai is a no-code API platform that aims to make public and commercial datasets easily available for non-programmers. Whether you’re writing a data-driven article, analyzing a stock or making advanced fantasy predictions, Databar.ai aims to make it as easy as possible to get you the datasets that you need. 

This collaboration enables you to easily pull data from sources, such as Coincap, CoinGecko, and many more into Google Sheets without having to manually enter request parameters.

If you’re not already a databar.ai user, you can sign up for more information on their website

Using databar.ai with API Connector

Databar’s API request templates are designed to be used specifically with Mixed Analytics’ API Connector for Google Sheets. Browse and select any of the databar.ai datasets to pull up a request builder. In the request builder, select your parameters and click Run to access data from dozens of popular platforms directly in your spreadsheet.  


We hope you enjoy using databar’s library of requests within API Connector. For questions, please send us a message or contact Databar.

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