Powerful API to Google Sheets Features on All Plans

Turn Google Sheets into a powerful, flexible API client that pulls API data directly into your spreadsheet.
Install for free to get started.

Standard (Free) Features

Create API requests

Build API requests in a user-friendly interface with input fields for URLs, headers, and POST bodies

Save API requests

Save API requests for future access (3 per workbook)

Run API requests

Run requests one by one or refresh all at once (8 per day)

Unlimited rows

No limit on rows returned

Reference cells

Turn sheet cells into variables by referencing cells in your requests

Output modes

Overwrite and append modes

Request methods

Supports GET, POST, and PUT methods


Automatically detects all major API data formats (JSON, XML, CSV, text)

JSON converter

4 different report styles to flatten & convert JSON into a tabular format for Sheets

Import files

Import saved configuration files

Import cURL

Import cURL snippets

Copy requests

Copy saved requests rather than starting from scratch

ImportAPI custom function

Custom function to run requests outside the sidebar

Automatic basic auth

Automatically apply basic authentication

Print request URLs

Print API request URL into spreadsheet alongside response

Print timestamps

Print data refresh timestamps into spreadsheet alongside response

Request logging

Store a log of all requests with completion status

Error messages

Detailed error messages to help with troubleshooting


100+ guides, tutorials, YouTube videos, and pre-set dashboards


Active user forum to supplement the knowledge base


Runs entirely through Google Sheets, using Google’s secure infrastructure

Pro Plan Features – everything above, plus:

Extended limits

Higher run and save limits

Schedule requests

Refresh requests daily, weekly, or monthly

Chain requests

Set the order of scheduled requests

Stack requests

Automatically run through a list of request URLs

Stack POST requests

Automatically run through a list of POST bodies, submitting each body to the same endpoint

Handle pagination

Automatically handle most types of paginated APIs

JMESPath filtering

Fix columns in place and filter data using the powerful JMESPath query language for JSON

Handle rate limits

1.5 second delay automatically inserted into stacked / paginated requests to avoid rate limits

Money-back guarantee

Payment will be 100% refunded for any reason within 14 days of initial purchase

Account management

Cancel account by clicking a button. Access invoices and update card info through an online portal

Business Plan Features – everything above, plus:

Extended limits

Still higher run and save limits

Schedule hourly requests

Refresh requests every 1, 3, 6, or 12 hours

Preset OAuth2 connections

Pre-set connections for FB, Google Ads, GitHub, GA, Harvest, Instagram, Jira, LinkedIn, QuickBooks, Quora, Spotify, Strava, Vimeo, Xero, YouTube, Zoho

Custom OAuth2

Add custom OAuth2 connections

Export requests

Share request configurations with others

Priority support

Fast, helpful support